Thursday, February 21, 2019

Chasing the Dream

Here we are at the beginning of another new year, sort of. I'm behind the 8 ball as usual (it's February). I've struggled with my blog and my journaling for the last few years, as you can probably tell. There have been a few years of poor health, lack of energy, lack of personal desire, lack of enthusiasm, lack of life, dealing with mental health issues, working 40 hours a week for someone else, building someone else's dream... all of the above. It's not my intention to whine about any of it but to be real and transparent. To let other creatives know I HEAR YOU! It's exhausting chasing a dream. Especially when you are not in great health, and your time is not your own.

I see so many of us who are stay at home people for various reasons, just trying to make a life for ourselves with our craft. I want you to know- I understand- I get it. I would give up so many things to be able to have the freedom to be at home full-time. However, my bills say otherwise. Haha! So, I keep going to my 40 hours somewhere else and trying to fit my dreams into the 4 or 5 hours I have before bed each night.

The message I want to convey in this post is that even though we face barriers and we become tired of trying, don't quit. Don't quit chasing that dream creative person! God puts within each person talents and gifts that He expects us to use and grow. He's looking for us to create a return on His investment in us. He lays out the path and then we have to walk it. He blesses us with creativity and witty inventions. Deut 8:18 says that it is God that has given us the power to get wealth so that he can establish his covenant. Luke 6:38 says that if we are givers then it will be given to us with the same measure that we give. Pressed down, shaken together shall men give unto our bosoms. Prov 8:12 says that wisdom and prudence live together and they will find out knowledge of witty inventions. James 1:5 says that if we lack wisdom all we have to do is ASK and God will give it to us liberally without rebuke!! He provides a way around every excuse!!

You ARE smart enough. You ARE wise enough. You ARE creative enough. You DO have the ability to make a living with your dream. And if you think you lack in an area? ASK GOD to fill it in. And if you don't believe in God- still seek out answers. Don't ever settle for "Oh well, I guess I'm just not meant to have this." Why aren't you? Who said you're not? Quit believing the lies you tell yourself!

Even if it feels like you are only moving by inches instead of running feet at a time, don't quit. Even if it feels like there are days you go backward instead of forward, don't quit. It's just like losing weight, or any other monumental task in front of us,...if we quit, we seal our fate. If you quit you are making sure you will never see success. Keep that in mind...and don't quit!

My "word of the year" for 2019 is Pursuit. I hope you'll join me in chasing whatever dream you hold in your heart.

All my love,

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  1. Hi Biz!

    Obviously I subscribed to your blog, but I think this is the first post I've received from you. Sounds like life is getting you down just now, but take some of your own advice and hang in there.

    I am so inspired by the list of patterns you offer. Thank you so much! I depend on you, and others, for my crochet patterns. You've done a lot of work! Thank you so much! And I hope you'll find the time to pursue your dream.


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