Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Lady Frances Baby Blanket Test

Lady Frances Baby Blanket Test- In Progress

Just in case you don't follow me on Facebook, the latest design I am having tested is called the Lady Frances Baby Blanket. It is named for the little baby it was designed for, Adelaide Frances.

A great group of ladies has joined me for this test. Theresa, my friend who has tested almost every pattern I've put out since about 2010 (I think), and a few that are new to the Bizzy Crochet testers group- Tammy, Tracy, Debbi, Mik, and Sakura.

This is Tracy (upper left), Mik (upper right), Debbi (right center), Theresa (lower right), and Tammy (lower left). Everyone is doing a bang-up job!!

Debbi's in progress LF

Mik's in progress LF

Theresa's finished LF

Vannessa's finished LF

There are more samples to come with some really fabulous color schemes to spark your creativity. This pattern is scheduled to come out in August, so keep your eyes peeled to this spot! I can't wait to get this pattern in your hands!