Monday, October 21, 2019

Christmas Around the World CAL Weeks 2 & 3 Recap

Week 2 of the CAL was the Pine Trees and Candles sections of the blanket. In week 2 we worked on the Spike Stitch, Fans, and Bobbles. We also learned how to make pinecones to embellish the Pine Tree section later. 

Charlotte Yost Huffman was the "winner, winner, chicken dinner" with her pinecones. She got out an old Annie's pattern from 1991 that she knew she had stashed away and made the CUTEST pinecones! She was kind enough to share the instructions with the FB CAL Group! Here are the instructions, just in case you want to try it: Chain 18, picot (sl st in 3rd ch from hook), skip 2 ch, (DC, ch3, picot) in remaining chains. Roll into shape and tack together.

Week 3 is the Sweater portion of the blanket. This particular section gave us all the chance to work on the Waistcoat Stitch. Some people decided that they were happier doing regular sc's and dc's, which was perfectly fine. This section was very forgiving if you chose not to use the Waistcoat Stitch. The only real benefit from the fancier stitch is that it gives the work a "knitted" look. But, if you just do regular stitches into the regular loops of your sc's and dc's, it looks just as fabulous. This section has proven to be a favorite for many of the participants. It's slow going, but it comes with a great sense of accomplishment!

As you can see, we are in all stages of work in the group. We have a large variety of color palette's happening. Lots of people are using their scrap stash to do this blanket. You know me- I'm a HUGE fan of using up your stash! The original Christmas Around the World Blanket was made with stash, so I know it can be done!
If you have been tossing around the idea of joining us on our Christmas Around the World Journey- do it! You have nothing to lose, except a limited time free pattern...Just a reminder that the pattern will only be free until the end of November. At that time, it will become a paid pattern. So, even if you are thinking about doing it later, I would jump on it and save the weekly downloads to a thumb-drive so that you can do them when you are ready! You can either receive them in the files of the CAL group on Facebook, or you can get them in your library on Ravelry.

This week in the Facebook Group we have started the sign-ups for the Sock Exchange. This is our second year hosting this goody exchange, and we have a nice big group signed up to exchange goodies all over the world. We are also having another Mystery prize giveaway. This week our group moderator, Wini, is hosting the even *I* don't know what the winner will get! If you haven't joined us yet-you're missing out on all the fun! Bizzy Crochet's CAL Group on Facebook.

As usual, videos are produced weekly to help you on your CAL journey. Make sure you come follow me on YouTube so you can keep up with all of my crochet videos! Thank you so much to everyone who has already followed me, and given me great feedback on my videos for the Christmas Around the World blanket!

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