Saturday, October 05, 2019

Week 1 is Underway!!

Week 1 of the Christmas Around the World CAL is well underway. We just had our Saturday morning live chat in the Bizzy Crochet CAL Group on Facebook and I got some very good feedback from everyone. 

It is agreed that this week one pattern is a little challenging- probably an intermediate level- but that the instructional video really helped. I absolutely love the triumph everyone is experiencing when they conquer this challenge! You can just see it in their posts. You should absolutely feel pride everyone! They are all turning out lovely!

Some people are venturing out and using their own personal color schemes, which I love! I love it when you guys make my patterns so personal! The beauty of a Poinsettia is that they come in SO MANY colors that you can't really go wrong. Even if it's a really different could feasibly be out there somewhere! I can't wait to see what Tiffiny is going to do with this lovely mint. (picture below)

Created by Tiffiny Ferguson

We have several Dr Seuss/Grinch inspired blankets started. My tester, Vannessa, is carrying on the tradition of a Grinch inspired blanket that one of our group members, Elizabeth Smith VanHorn, started last year with her Grinch inspired Ugly Christmas Sweater Blanket. It's going to be so much fun to see what everyone comes up with. Dr. Seuss opens the color palette wide!

Vannessa's Dr. Seuss/Grinch inspired Christmas Around the World (2019 Christmas CAL)

Elizabeth Smith VanHorn's Grinch inspired Ugly Christmas Sweater Blanket (2018 Christmas CAL)

I can say this- regardless of which way you go with this pattern color-wise it is a lot of fun to stitch up. Week one focuses much of it's time on front post and back post double crochets. If you're looking to increase your skills in these two stitches, or if you are like me and geek out over fpdc and bpdc, then this is the pattern to do! Embossed Crochet is my new obsession- so expect to see more from me!

You can receive the pattern through- Email, Ravelry, or in the files of the Bizzy Crochet CAL Group on Facebook.

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