Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Grimm's Tale Sampler Blanket Pattern

Grimm's Tales Sampler Blanket Pattern

The Grimm's Tales Sampler Blanket was the 2019 Spring CAL for the Bizzy Crochet CAL Group on Facebook. This blanket didn't focus on the Grimm's individual stories as much as it did the common and repeating themes throughout them. For instance, there were many houses and gardens with doors in them, so the blanket starts with a large door set in a garden or castle wall. The blanket also includes themes like the deep dark woods, birds, baskets, gold, treasure boxes, and hearts.
The finished blanket is quite large, but it is great fun to work through since each section is a whole new stitch and you can have a blast working out your own color schemes to tell your own story!

Alternative Princess Castle version by Theresa Pearson

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall..."

The alternative Princess Castle version by Theresa Pearson

The poison apple version by Niamh Holcroft

The instructions include materials lists for 4 blankets done in different weight yarns by my testers. Any extra decorations are included in the pattern, and there are support videos throughout the blanket pattern that are exclusive to this pattern. (You can only get to the videos through the pattern.)There is a color chart broken down by section so you know what we all used in the different parts. And the pattern is available in both US and UK terms. 

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