Friday, February 28, 2020

Tron Identity Disc Blanket Pattern

Tron Identity Disc Blanket Pattern

by Elizabeth Mareno

This pattern can be purchased on ETSY or  my website.
This blanket was originally designed for my nephew, Sam. As I was working on it, I realized that the pieces reminded me of the Tron Identity Disc from the 1982 Disney Classic, and so it was named.

This blanket design is all about striped hexagons, which opens up a world of color play for you. It has a simple edge that works with the hexagon shape instead of covering it up. 

Here's what you'll need to make it:
Color #1: Green Variegated- 15 oz (used 3 Red Heart Super Saver – Green Tones- #629- 5 oz skeins)
Color #2: Light Green- 14 oz (used 2 Red Heart Super Saver- Light Sage- #0631- 7 oz skeins)
Color #3: Dark Grey- 14 oz (used 2 Red Heart Super Saver- Charcoal- #3950- 7 oz skeins)
J hook
Large Eye needle for assembly
Hexagon Finished Size: 10” from flat edge to flat edge; 11” from point to point.

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  1. Gorgeous design & love the is my favorite colour. :)


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