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Summer Covers Make-Along Information

Sky's the Limit Top
Summer Circles Cardi

Welcome to the first blog post about the Sky's the Limit and Summer Circles Cardi Make-Along I will be hosting on the Bizzy Crochet Facebook page in the months of April and May 2020. This should give us just enough time to craft one of these lovely covers for our Summertime parties, travels, and get-togethers. 

This post will answer these questions:
A) Where can I get the patterns?
B) What yarn can I use?
C) Do I have to make both covers to participate?

C) I might have listed the questions backward because I'm going to address the question about participation first. You do NOT have to make both in order to participate in the Make-Along. I am putting both options out there so that you have a choice. I will be making both during the Make-Along, but you do not have to unless you want to. Neither of them is going to be overwhelmingly hard, so you might have fun making both. Just so you know, the Sky's the Limit is considered an Intermediate pattern and the Summer Circles is considered an Easy pattern. There will be videos throughout, so this would be a great opportunity to challenge yourself! The Make Along will be in April and May- with live videos every week (times TBA).

A) Ok, let's talk about the patterns. Both patterns are part of the 2020 Spring/Summer Collection put out by Annie's. They are both available on the Annie's Catalog website for $6.00 digital or $8.00 for a hard copy. NOTE: International participants will need to purchase a digital copy because Annie's does not ship outside of the US. 

Remember, when choosing which pattern you would like to work on that Sky's the Limit is considered Intermediate skill level and Summer Circles is considered an Easy skill level. 

B) Alright, what yarn can I use? Both patterns call for two totally different yarns, however, they are both DK weight. We'll start with Sky's the Limit and then move on to Summer Circles for the yarn discussion and where you can find these yarns. Obviously, you can purchase the yarn for the pattern at the same time that you purchase the pattern and bundle it all together (within the US) on Annie's website. It makes it very simple, but it might be a little pricier. I am in no way telling you what yarn you have to use- I am just pointing out some suggestions just in case you can find a different yarn than the original at a great price.

Sky's the Limit yarn- skeins needed per size: (I will be making this in XL)
Small- 4, Medium- 5, Large- 6, XL- 6, 2XL- 7

1- The pattern calls for Premier Yarns Bamboo Fair, which is a gorgeous Bamboo/Cotton mix in a 3.5 oz skein. Dreamy to work with and will be gorgeous to wear as well. Annie's carries it at $5.99/skein*, so does LoveCrafts, which would be my other suggestion. The big difference is that LoveCrafts carries a wider variety of colors than Annie's. So, if you're going to spend the money- I would go to LoveCrafts.* They have free shipping anything over $60, they have warehouses in the states now, and they have great customer service. 

2- I am giving the LionBrand 24/7 Cotton* a serious look for this cover. It is a mercerized cotton in a 3.5 oz skein so it works great for garments. It has a wide color range. And it's about a $1.00/skein less than the Premier. It is available on LoveCrafts as well. I would end up buying two more skeins of this than the Premier because the yardage is slightly less for the same ounces. As with all yarns, we will have to do gauge swatches to make sure we are on track with our sizes. After all, we want to be able to wear our sweaters after we make them. But, when the yardage is off like that it means the yarn is bigger or smaller than we need- and it is IMPERATIVE that you gauge swatch your chosen yarn. So, if you have a stashed skein floating around your home or something extremely close to it- you could get a head start.

3- The third and last suggestion for this cover is Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek DK*. This yarn comes in a 4 oz skein for about $1/skein less than Premier. If you can find it on sale (about every other week) it's about a dollar and a half less. This one is a very light DK. It is also 100% acrylic, although you would never know by touching it. It's very springy and light in a garment. This will be lovely and soft- but it will have much more "flow" than the other two yarns. I'm not sure your stitch definition will be as noticed in this yarn. But, it is a useful suggestion if you want something local and really reasonably priced.

Summer Circles Cardi yarn- skeins needed per size: (I will be making this is in L/XL)
S/M- 5, L/XL- 6, 2XL/3XL- 7

The recommended yarn for this Cardi is Omega Sinfonia 100% mercerized cotton. I'm going to be honest. I'm not going to recommend different types of yarn for this sweater because mercerized cotton is gorgeous and absolutely perfect for this sweater. Below is the Shells Cardigan by Annie's I made for my mom last year using the Omega Sinfonia. While you are working with it, it feels like it's going to be rough. But, the finished product is soft and silky. It is a little heavier than your typical cotton would tend to be, but it wears so nicely. My mom has gotten quite a bit of use out of this sweater and she loves it. So, for the Summer Circles Cardi? I definitely recommend mercerized cotton. At Annie's, it is pretty spendy at $7 and change per skein* with very limited colors. But, you can also find it at Hobby Lobby for about $5/skein* or you can look on LoveCrafts* at their mercerized cotton selection. There are several there that look lovely to work with. Just remember that Sinfonia has 218 yds to their 3.5 oz. So whatever you sub with, make sure you have enough yardage. Don't compare oz to oz- compare yardage and purchase accordingly. (I would personally choose the Rico Essentials Cotton DK.)

Alright, I hope that has given you some information to chew on for a bit. I will be updating with information in the weeks leading up to the Make-Along. Keep your eye out for next week's blog post...there's going to be a giveaway!!

*Links marked with asterisks are affiliate links. If you use one of my links to make a purchase it won't cost you any more, but the company may give me a small bit of money back which helps me pay for the free content on my blog. Thank you for your support!

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