Wednesday, August 12, 2020

New Pattern- Coming Soon!

Today I am introducing you to my new Four Seasons Scarf Pattern. I am calling it that because it really can be worn all four seasons when made out of the right materials, and because I designed it using Eco-Fusion* by Nurturing Fibres to represent the four seasons in four gorgeous colorways! Eco-Fusion is a lovely, soft, and squishy 50% Bamboo/50% Cotton blend that is ethically dyed and balled in South Africa. It is a wonderful company concerned about not only conservation but also in providing jobs for locals and affecting their community in a positive manner. Plus, I don't know what they put in their dye, but their yarn has the most fantastic smell throughout the whole skein...EVERY skein. 

I am working with Good Loops Yarn*, who is a stockist for Nurturing Fibres. They are a small, woman-owned business located here in the States. Stephanie, who is their "Director of Squish" has been good enough to put kits together for each season to make it easier for you to order your favorite. Each kit has exactly the right amount of yarn to make one scarf, so there is no waste. And the yarn feels and looks like the decadent treat it is. Each kit comes out to about $26 USD. For me, that's about what I spend on a gift for Moms and Sisters, so I feel really good about being able to present you with the opportunity to buy a kit directly from Good Loops*. 

This pattern is going to be your go-to for ease and simplicity this scarf season. It uses a two-row repeat (featuring fans and popcorns) throughout that is easy to memorize. It works up so fast, I can make one in two nights of TV watching (even with changing yarn colors). It calls for a #3 light/DK yarn, so even if you're on a tight budget and you can't purchase new yarns, this is perfect for using up leftovers. You could even get away with using baby weight yarns or doubling up fingering weight.  

So, stay tuned for this weekend's pattern release!

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