Friday, February 22, 2008


Tony and I have decided to start going to the weight room at the high school:
1) because there is no gym to join in our city of 1600 people.
2) it's free...honestly is there any better reason?

Last night was our first night, so today I decided to come online and look for some inspiration to keep me going's what I found....

"OMG...I look like a cartoon!"

"Don't tick me off man...I can crack walnuts with these thighs!"
*side note*- I know that heels make a woman's calves look sexier but...I don't think she can be helped even with the heels.

*this ones actually not too bad...I'd like to be able to lift 135lbs over my head with one hand.

*unfortunately this one is really me..... except in Phillips, all of our water is frozen.

BTW! Did you know that you use your triceps when you knit?? Neither did I, till this morning.