Friday, March 21, 2008

A Revelatory Moment

I don't talk alot about God or the Bible on my blog. But I have to share my morning devotional with you. Well, it was a little less a morning devotional and more of a journal entry. Anyway, here goes:

I've been claiming favor for and calling in a certain thing into my life for 4 days now. My instant gratification mind thought "oh it comes". The first three days of it were what I considered totally unproductive and not what I was asking for at all. My first reaction was "What am I doing wrong? God why aren't you answering me?" Then when I was doing laundry this morning and not even thinking about my certain thing the Holy Spirit dropped this nugget into my ear. "Don't Quit." And a light bulb went on in my head! DUH! Don't be moved by what I see, feel or hear. I either totally trust that God is the supplier of my needs or I don't. I am either going to stand in faith completely or I'm not. There is no grey area here. I am either trusting or I'm doubting. No matter how long it takes for this to come to pass in my life. It will be in God's perfect time. And I fully trust Him.