Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ever been in a funk and couldn't seem to drag yourself out of it...craftywise?

I'm there. I'm so there.

So, we'll start out with what I have been able to accomplish in the midst of my funk.

First, I re-found Beth's Little Star Afghan pattern. I had made it once before. I do love the pattern, it's super quick and easy to do, so I thought...why not?! The first one I made turned out to be more of a preemie or 'lovey blanket' size. But, I thought...this time I'm at least ahead of the game the next time somebody tells me their having a baby. Instead of the usual scrambling to make something.
This star afghan is made out of Caron Simply Soft in Off-White, Soft Pink and SS Brites in Blueberry. All leftovers from other projects. *A funny side note (it might only be funny to me)* I literally had 12" of yarn leftover on that last round of pink. I was praying towards the end...let me tell ya.

Then I started on this one, but got sick of it fast cuz it was getting so big and my brain was going numb from dc row after dc row.... So even though this one got completed, it was finished last.
This one used only Red Heart Super Saver in Baby Pink, Light Raspberry, Warm Brown and Coffee(more leftovers). I'm beginning to understand yarn snobbery. Red Heart can feel like a brillo pad after working with super soft yarns.

Instead I started this one and finished it in like 2 days. I used Bernat Softee Chunky in Taupe, Orange, Blue, Black and Green. I can't remember their technical color names... I just wasn't paying attention. Anyway, these are the leftovers from my nephew's Christmas sweater in this post! I still love these colors together. And it's super soft. I was able to use a K hook on this and it whipped up fast.

So even though I made the star afghan....I still had some Softee Chunky left over. Not enough to actually make a blanket or anything like that. Just enough to be a pain in my butt and take up space. So I decided to make potholders with them. I love this yarn. 10 rows and you've got a potholder. I also made a scary, "ultra left over yarn", potholder...but I kept that for myself, so it's not pictured.

Anyway. After I got those done. I drug the afghan that I started making for myself ,about 2 years ago, out of the closet and sat down and finished that. It was waiting for 10 rows and some tassle. How lazy is that? 10 rows and some tassle and I just couldn't bear to finish it? My ability to be totally pathetic has hit it's peak. Let's hope. It is the "Carnival" pattern from Afghans from the Heart..or something like that. I've had the book for ages. I've made two of these afghans now..this being the second. It's a super easy pattern. But I don't think I'm making it again soon.

I used Red Heart Warm Brown, Light Sage, Buff Fleck, Aspen Print, and Lilac. The Lilac is not available anymore. I can't even begin to tell you what I had to go through to get the skeins I was able to get about 5 years ago. I'm literally down to the last skein. It's sort of sad. Cuz it's my absolute favorite periwinkle color. You can't even find anything close to it anymore.

Ok to cap the last three weeks off, I made spiral scrubbies. God awful easiest pattern on the planet. And requires absolutely no brain power, at all. Was the perfect thing to drag along on Dr's appt's yesterday! And, yes, you can literally get this many done in a day.....

I still have some fairly large balls of the scrubbie colors left, so I'm sure I'll be making more of them before long.

As for WIP's...I'm still plugging away at my dad's afghan for Christmas. I haven't gotten much further since the last picture, so it's not worth taking another one right now. I did, however, switch it over to circular needles, so it's a whole lot less taxing on my arms. Hopefully, that will be enough for me to pick it up and get some serious work done on it!

I need to start on the afghans for my nephews for Christmas. They should be simple enough to complete...so I should just get on them....

Hello. I am a procrastinator. *sigh*