Monday, October 06, 2008

Homeschool Fun!

Here's a song I came up with last year to help Stefani remember the bones of the skeleton. Granted this isn't all umpteen-billion of them...but it's the major ones. And the kids decided that I MUST share this with you.

The Bone Song by Mom
(to the tune of 'your thigh bones connected to your knee bone, etc')

Cranium's connected to your Cervical Vertebrae
Cervical vertebrae is connected to your Clavicle
Clavicle's connected to your Scapula
And now your shoulder is intact

Scapula is connected to your Humerus
Humerus is connected to your Radius and Ulna
Radius and Ulna is connected to your Carpals
And now you have an arm

The Carpals are connected to your Metacarpals
MetaCarpals are connected to the Phalanges
The Phalanges are your fingers and they wiggle
Now you have a hand

Phalanges can touch your sternum
Your Sternum is connected to your ribs
Ribs are held up by the Vertebrae
Now you have a body

Vertebrae are connected to your Illum
Illum is connected to the Coccyx
Coccyx is connected to your Lumbar Vertebrae
Now you have a butt

Lumbar Vertebrae is connected to the Femur
Femur is connected to the Patella
Patella is connected to the Tibia and Fibula
Now you have a leg

Tibia and Fibula are connected to the Tarsals
Tarsals are connected to the MetaTarsals
MetaTarsals are connected to the Phalanges
Now you have a foot.

Stefani got an "A" on her test of the skeleton, btw.