Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall, already?

I was at my mom's for coffee and chatting this morning. As I was leaving, I took a deep breath and thought "Mmmm. I love that smell...."

Then my brain said, "Wait, what was that?"

So I took another deep breath.

Brain said, "Hmmm...Spicy undertones...Moist earth...Fog.....That smells!"

What?!?!? We didn't even get Summer, yet!

Where does Earth get off changing seasons already? Scuze me! I still live in a state that has technically ordered 4 seasons from the menu of choices....why am I only getting 3??

I swear I will slap the next person that utters the words "Global Warming".

**random note** To DragonFlyLady: I am submitting to a crochet magazine. But, because I haven't completed the process yet, I'm not saying which one. :)