Monday, August 24, 2009

Pattern Submissions and stuff like that.

Today I have to sit down and figure out how to write a pattern for submission. I have never followed anyone else's rules for writing a pattern before. I hope I don't have to change alot. I'm really quite nervous about the whole thing. I have to get it submitted before September 8th. Nothing like procrastination??

I have had to work so much lately I haven't had any time at the yarn store. I was there on Friday last week. By that time there is so much to do I don't get to really deal with the extra-curricular stuff. Did I mention that the store is on the market again? Well, it is. I just want to move on with my life. We have had so many people come in and say "Oh, it's so sad that you are closing." and then we say "But, we aren't closing." and we had one person say.."What's the difference?"

Well, here is the difference, we are selling the business..we are not having a "going out of business" sale, therefore closing the doors forever, never to be seen or heard from again. We are selling the business. Hopefully, to someone that has every intention of staying right where they are and continuing to serve the community as we have. It's a needed business in our little town.

Here's another small pet peeve. Why does everyone assume that when they buy a business all they are obligated to pay for is the inventory? Why is that the first thing that people ask?

Just for future reference for anyone out there looking to buy an established business. You will be buying more than the inventory. You will be paying for the blood, sweat, tears and time that the former owner spent on their knees seeking God's direction for that that one day you can come along and buy a well-established business with a very comfortable and faithful customer base. You will not have to put in the long hours making something out of nothing like they did. You will not have to put lots and lots and lots and LOTS of money into building a business that carries the product lines that customers want, built completely out of trial and error and losing your shirt more than once on an unsuccessful venture.... You will not have to work NEARLY as hard as that original owner did. So, when you ask what they want for their business and they say "X" amount of dollars...don't let the first question be..."Well, how much do you have in inventory?" and then try to short change them when you make an offer. Remember how much their hard work is worth.

Just sayin'.