Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ever Do This?

I shop on Amazon alot. I always use the "take it right out of your checkbook" feature. It's worked well for me and it's super convenient. Been doing it for years.

Recently my husband made an adding error in our checkbook by $40...it caused a check that we wrote to Sam's Club to be "sent back". So now TransWorld something or another won't let me use my checkbook anywhere. Good times, baby!

I ordered my son's birthday present from Amazon on the 10th. His birthday is the 26th. Well, when I ordered it, I didn't know TransWorld was stopping all my checks till I received a sweet little letter in my email telling me that "we are having trouble processing your form of payment" . In other words "Hey Loser! Put some money in your checking account!!". Except that there IS money in there! Plenty! They just won't let you have any of it!

So, ok, moving right along. I don't have any credit cards of my own. Credit cards are the devil's playground in my hands...so I don't keep them. I borrowed one of my dad's....well, got another sweet little letter in my email this morning stating "we are having trouble processing your form of payment". In my mind I added, "again". And then they were kind enough to inform me that "maybe you typed a number wrong?". No, I didn't. The card just didn't have enough available credit on it. Now, I'm a double lame-o.

I am on payment source #3. Mom's credit card. I really, really hope that this one works. Otherwise, I will be forced to go to a retail shop and pay more for the same things. Grrr. The check is at home all ready for the lucking recipient to cash, so it's not like I am mooching off them. But, at times like this I feel so....what's the word....uncool? needy? dependent? Almost like back in the day when we really had no money and couldn't afford anything and had to rely on parents, etc, even though we were 'adults' (haha) and were supposed to be 'on our own' (double haha). **short side track: looking back, if we were 'on our own' and had made a conscious choice to reproduce, we should have been able to pay our bills. just sayin'.**

I hope I'm not the only who has ever found themselves in a messed up little pinch caused by an accidental miscalculation. My poor husband. He felt so bad when he saw that he had made an adding error. He's such a perfectionist.

**9-15-10** Update: All is well on the birthday gift front. It's on its way. Should be here Monday. Third time was a charm. LOL!