Saturday, March 16, 2019

Grimm's Tales Materials List

Materials List for the
Bizzy Crochet Grimm’s Tales Spring 2019 CAL

Yarn Choices: There are four blanket samples to help you choose, and there are two ways to sign up for the CAL. 

The free version will be hosted here on the blog from April 3rd to June 15th. Sign up on my email list at the top of my blog. The free version will have only have access to the pattern and videos through June 15th. 
The paid version, which will provide you with a pdf version with lifetime access to the videos, is available here

Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn (original blanket)

28 oz Black (1420 yds)- used throughout the blanket
Grimm's Tales CAL Original Blanket
2 oz Toasted Almond (102 yds)- used for the door
5 oz Stonewash Dark Gray (255 yds)- used for the stone wall
12 oz Light Taupe (612 yds)- used for the trees and the basket
3 oz Terra Cotta (153 yds)- used for the trees and hearts
2 oz Dark Olive (102 yds)- used for the trees
2 oz Coffee Brown (102 yds)- used for the trees
2 oz Graphite (102 yds)- used for the trees
6 oz Dark Country Blue (306 yds)- used for the birds and treasure boxes
3 oz White or Off White (153 yds)- used for the  birds
3 oz Graymist (153 yds)- used for the birds
4 oz Sungold (204 yds)- used for the gold bobbins

Light #3 or DK
Less than an ounce of each color Black, Gray, Gold, Tiny bit of white- used for the mirror


#7/4.50mm hook- used for the entire blanket
Grimm's Tales Mirror in DK yarn
F/3.75mm hook- used for the mirror
Lg Eye needle for sewing ends and assembling
Straight pins for assembly- maybe 10 or 15

We are available to answer any questions on the Bizzy Crochet Facebook Page and CAL Group.

Red Heart Colors (Dana’s Blanket)

21 oz Black- used throughout the blanket
 2 oz Café Latte- used for the door
Grimm's Tales Red Heart Version
4 oz Medium Grey - used for the stone wall
Scrap ball Yellow- used for the door knob
1 oz Light Brown- used for the trees
1 oz Redwood- used for the trees
1 oz Emerald- used for the trees
1.5 oz Espresso- used for the trees
1.5 oz Grey Heather- used for the trees
5 oz Charcoal- used for the trees and birds
2.5 oz Navy- used for the birds
3 oz Aran- used for the birds
3.5 oz Light Grey- used for the birds
5 oz Gold- used for the bobbins
8 oz Brown- used for the basket
2 oz Rusty Red- used for the hearts
4 oz Stormy Blue- used for the treasure boxes

Scheepjes Colour Crafter DK 100g/300m (Niamh’s Blanket)

Grimm's Tales DK Version
Lt Brown - Veenedaal 1064 – 24g
Door Knob
Scheepjes Catona- Lemonade 403- less than 10g
Door Hinges
Black - Ede 1002 – 10g (totaled at the bottom)
Med Grey - Wolvega 1099 – 47g
Lt Brown - Veenedaal 1064 – 12g
Rusty Red - Breda 1029 – 12g
Green - Assen 1065 - 15g
Med Brown - Haarlem 1054 - 13g
Darker Grey - Pollare 2018  - 16g
Black - Ede 1002 – 17g (totaled at the bottom)
Blue - Middleburg 1003 - 26g
White - Weert 1002 – 33g
Silver Grey - Heerenveen 1203 - 34g
Black - Ede 1002 – 37g (totaled at the bottom)
Gold - Eindhoven 1114 - 43g
Lt Brown - Veenedaal 1064 – 123g
Red –  50g
Treasure Boxes
Blue – Middleburg 1003 – 50g
Black- 309 total for the blanket (3 balls suggested for all parts)

Mix N Match (Theresa’s Blanket)

Impeccable Soft Taupe:  1.5oz
Grimm's Tales Disney Version
Vanna’s Choice Gold less than .5 oz
RHSS Black less than .5oz
Stone Wall:
Vanna’s Choice Grey Marble 5 oz (almost 2 balls which are 3 oz each)
RHSS Medium Purple 1.5 oz
RHSS Spring 1.5 oz
RHSS Petal Pink 1.5 oz
Impeccable Rose BonBon 1.5 oz
Impeccable Deep Forest 1.5 oz
Impeccable Citron 1 oz
RHSS Turqua 2.0 oz
RHSS Grey Heather 3 oz
Impeccable White 2 oz
Impeccable Pale Grey 2.5 oz
Craftsmart Value Butter 3.5 oz
Kreinek Gold Blending Filament- 135 yd spool
RHSS Café Latte 8 oz (1 whole ball and part of another)
Impeccable Cherry 2 oz
Impeccable Amethyst (didn’t weigh this, part of total Amethyst for blanket)
Treasure Boxes:
Impeccable Teal 3.5 oz
Lace sections, part of Hearts and Border:
Impeccable Amethyst- Need at least 3 balls for the blanket (4.5oz balls) I used the purple for an extra round on the baskets and one other place where I was afraid to run out of the color so ended up using 3 whole balls and part of another.   I’d say 4 balls for this if you are using it for the hearts, lace, and border, most crochet looser than me.

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