Crochet Inspiration to Design Course

I have noticed when people say things like, "I am interested in becoming a crochet designer, how would I do that?" the common response is, "Just write it down as you go." Well, that leaves people feeling frustrated because it's not a real answer. It doesn't give you any clear direction where to start, or what the next step is after that.

Becoming a crochet designer can take years if you don't have any clear guidance. Things that inspire you to be creative just go un-designed because you don't know how to gather your inspiration into one place and create something out of it. The other thing you don't have is a support system that can help you through the "that didn't work, now what?" questions.

I am here to help you with all of the above. I have created a design course that will teach you how to go from inspiration to the finished design!

This course is for you if...

- You want to learn how to design original crochet patterns from your inspirations.

- You want to increase your crochet skills, which will increase your marketability.

- You want to go from a crochet hobbyist to a crochet designer.. 

If you would like to learn more...CLICK HERE 
With your course, you also receive access to my private Facebook group where you can talk with other budding designers, share your ideas and get feedback, and receive personal help from me! Plus, I am continually sharing new information about designing, writing, editing, and publishing your designs. 
Samples of my inspired designs are below!
Ugly Christmas Sweater Sampler Blanket
Grimm's Fairy Tales Inspired Sampler Blanket
Little Mermaid Inspired Sampler Blanket
Lady Frances Baby Sampler Blanket
Lush Garden Inspired Blanket

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