Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pooh in Pastel

This is the partial blanket done in mint green and chocolate brown. Pooh is cornmeal and I will give him a light blue shirt. This is for a new niece/nephew due in July. They are confident they are having a girl, but I'm not going to put all of that time and effort into making this blanket pink and have it come out a boy!

This is the picture I'm making the blanket from. I took the picture from a craft magazine years ago and had someone graph it on the computer for me. This is actually a latch hook kit! lol! But I just determined how many stitches I wanted per square and away we went! It's challenging and has LOTS of color changes (which I absolutely hate!) but it turns out so darn cute how can you not make it?? I will be making an accompanying Pooh stuffed toy to go with the blanket, that will have to wait till I finish this tho.....
The stuffed toy, believe it or not, is harder than the blanket. I've made only one of each so far for two different friends having babies. But maybe I should make it more, huh?


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