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Scrappy Squares Poncho Pattern

Scrappy Squares Poncho Pattern
by Elizabeth Mareno

Available free on this blog or purchase an Ad-free version on my website.

Poncho Front

 Poncho Back

About This Pattern: 
This fun poncho pattern started out as my Scrap-a-Long project during the COVID-19 lockdown starting in March. Every Tuesday night I held a LIVE scrap-a-long on my Bizzy Crochet Facebook page so that we all had the opportunity to have interaction with other crafters since we couldn't leave our homes. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and a needed respite for the craziness that was going on around us. 

Most of the country has opened back up now, and I decided it was time to get the poncho finished. It started out as a "let's see if we can just whip up a poncho from scraps" project and turned into an awesome design I can't wait to share with you. I opted to go with a lace pattern on the bottom, because I'm not a big fan of tassels or fringe, but I'm a sucker for a bit of lace. 

This pattern is a GREAT stash buster, and it leaves you plenty of space to personalize it. I give you the instructions for what I created, but you can definitely finish off any way you want. This is all about you! 

#4 Worsted Weight Yarn- Used: Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn
Neutral Color: 2 full skeins of Off White
Colors: Scrap yarn. You can use small bits to complete your squares. I would try to make sure that your scrap yarn is all the same weight as it will affect the look of your squares. 

#7/4.5mm hook
Large Eye needle for assembly

Abbreviations: US terms
ch- chain
ct(s)- count(s)
MR- magic ring
sc- single crochet (UK dc)
dc- double crochet (UK tr)
sl st- slip stitch
sk- skip (UK miss/skip)
sp- space
Picot- ch3, sl st in the first ch

Size: Side to Side- 35" x Neck to Bottom- 26"
The sizing can be adjusted by adding or subtracting the number of squares you use. 

Granny Square: Make 28
Rd 1- MR, ch3 (cts as dc), 2dc in the circle, ch2, (3dc, ch2) in circle 3 more times, join with the first dc. (12dc)

Rd 2- sl st to next corner, ch3, (2dc, ch2, 3dc) in corner, *ch1, sk 3dc, (3dc, ch2, 3dc) in next corner, repeat from * 3 times, ch1, sk last 3dc, join with first dc. (24 dc)

Rd3- sl st to next corner, ch3, (2dc, ch2, 3dc) in corner, *ch1, sk 3dc, 3dc in next ch1 sp, ch1, sk 3dc, (3dc, ch2, 3dc) in corner, repeat from * 3 times, ch1, sk 3dc, 3dc in next ch1 sp, ch1, join with first dc. (36 dc)

Rd4- ch3, dc in next 2dc, *(2dc, ch2, 2dc) in the corner, dc in each dc and ch1 sp across, repeat from * 3 times, join with first dc. (60 dc)

Scrap Color Squares: Make 28
Rd1- MR, ch3 (does not ct as dc), 16 dc in circle. join with the first dc. (16 dc)

Rd2- ch3 (does ct as dc), (dc, ch2, 2dc) in same sp as join, dc in 3, *(2dc, ch2, 2dc) in next st, dc in next 3, repeat from * 2 more times, join with first dc. Change color. (28 dc)

Rd3- w/new color, join in any corner sp w/ch3 (does ct as dc), (dc, ch2, 2dc) in the corner, *dc in each dc across, (2dc, ch2, 2dc) in the corner, repeat from * 2 more times, dc in each dc across, join with the first dc. (44 dc)

Rd4- sl st to the corner, ch3 (does ct as dc), (dc, ch2, 2dc) in the corner sp, repeat Rd2 from this point. join with the first dc. (60 dc)

NOTE: The way I make my colored squares so that they look like they belong together is I start with one color in the center (A) and another color on the outside (B). Then, for the next square, I start the center with the last squares outside color (B) and choose a new color for the outside of the new square (C). A-B, B-C, C-D, D-A...etc. I keep going this way because then it helps to tie my squares together in a complementary way and keeps the color combinations pleasing the eye. You can get away with a lot of crazy color combinations added to your project by doing it this way. 

Set your squares up using a checkerboard pattern. (see layout 2 pictures below)

I whipstitch my squares together from the chain one on one side of the double crochets to the chain one on the opposite side. (see picture below)

Poncho Layout should go as follows: 
Make 2 sections 4 squares x 7 rows

Then whipstitch them first at the blue line in the graph below.
(You can use any assembly technique you like. I tend to use whipstitch for a lot of my projects.)

Second, fold section A to meet section B making sure to match up your numbers.
Whipstitch them together with front sides facing.

Poncho Rough Assembly

Neckline: With Neutral 
Rd1- starting in the square immediately to the left of the center of the back, join with a ch1 in the first dc, sc in the sp, *sc in each dc and ch sp around, placing a sc dec in the front and back "points". 
DO NOT put a sc in any of the whipstitch joins. (100 sc)

Rd2- ch1, reverse sc in each sc around. 

Cut off and tuck in ends.

Bottom: With Neutral working around the base of the poncho
Rd1- (Note: do not put any stitches in the joins) starting in the back point, join with a ch1, sc in the ch sp, sc in each dc and ch sp across to the opposite point. (you should have 187 sc/side), ch2, sc in the same point, sc in each dc and ch sp across to the opposite point,  ch2, join with the first sc. 

Rd2- sl st in the next st (you should be 2 stitches away from the corner sp), ch5 (cts as dc + ch2), *[sk 2sc, dc in 3sc, ch2, sk 2sc, dc in next, ch2] across poncho until 1 stitch before the corner ch2 sp, sk 1sc, 3dc in the corner (corner group made), ch2, sk 1sc**, dc in the next sc, ch2, repeat from * once, ending with last repeat at **. join with sl st to the 3rd chain from the ch5. 

Rd3- ch1, sc in same sp, ch3, [(dc2tog, ch1, Picot, ch1, dc2tog) in the center dc of next 3dc group, ch3, sk 1dc,* sc in the next dc, ch3] around, ending the repeat at *. sl st to the first sc. 

© Bizzy Crochet and Design 2020


  1. What a pretty poncho.

  2. Hi! I was wondering, what are the dimensions of the individual squares?

    1. Hi there. They are 3.5" x 3.5". Hope that helps!

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