Thursday, May 30, 2019

Stitch of the Week #10- Perforated Pattern

Perforated Pattern Dishcloth

Stitch of the Week #10

Click here for the video instructions!

Materials Needed:

oz total- #4/Worsted Weight Cotton (used I Love This Cotton by Hobby Lobby)
#7/4.5 mm Hook
Lg eye needle for weaving ends

Finished size: 9” W x 9” H


Ch3 at the beginning of a row cts as a dc

Abbreviations- US terms:

Ch- chain
cts- counts
dc- double crochet
sc- single crochet
sk- skip
sp- space
st- stitch


R1- ch 41, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each across (40)

R2- ch3, turn, (dc in 6 sc, ch2, sk 2) across, dc in the last 7 sc.

R3- ch1, turn, sc in each dc, 2sc in each ch2 sp across (40sc)

R4- ch3, turn, dc in 2sc, (ch2, sk 2, dc in 6sc) across to last 5, ch2, sk2, dc in last 3sc.

R5- ch1, turn, sc in each dc, 2sc in each ch2 sp across. (40sc)

R6-25- repeat R2-5

You can finish off with a sc border if you like. Watch the video if you need instructions for a border.  

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