Thursday, March 01, 2012

Hector The Tiny Puppy pattern

Hector The Tiny Puppy
By Elizabeth Mareno 2012

Small amts each of:
Tan WW yarn (used Caron SS 'Bone')
Darker brown ww for contrast color (used 'I love this yarn' from Hobby Lobby)
Black for eyes and mouth
F hook
Lg eye needle for assembly & embroidery
Fiberfill stuffing

Finished size: 3-1/4" tall

R1- ch2, 6sc in 2nd ch from hook, do not join (6)
R2- 2sc in each sc around (12)
R3- (sc in 1sc, 2sc in next sc) around, (18)
R4- (sc in 2sc, 2sc in next sc) around (24)
R5-R7- sc in each sc (24)
R8- (sc in 2sc, sc dec) around (18)
R9- sc in each sc
R10- (sc in 1sc, sc dec) around (12)STUFF
R11- (sc dec) around (6)
R12- sc in each.
Finish off. Tuck in ends

R1-R3- Repeat as for body
R4-R5- sc in each (18)
R6- (sc in 1sc, sc dec) around (12)
R7- sc in each. STUFF
R8- (sc in 1sc, sc dec) around (8)
Finish off. Leave a long end for attaching the head. Sew the head centered on the body.

Muzzle: w/contrasting color
R1- ch2, 8sc in 2nd ch from hook (8)
R2- sc in each
Finish off. Leave long end for attaching. Do not stuff.
**embroider nose on with black before attaching to the front of the face**
Sew muzzle to front of face.

Ears: w/contrasting color Make 2
R1- ch2, 7sc in 2nd ch from hook (7)
R2-5- sc in each sc
R6- (sc in 1sc, sc dec) twice, sc in last sc (5)
Finish off, leaving long end. Flatten end and sew one to each side of the head.

Tail: w/contrasting color
Ch6, sc in 2nd ch and next ch, hdc in last 3 ch's.
Finish off and sew to butt with 'curve' facing up.

Back Legs: w/contrasting color
R1- ch3, sc in 2nd ch, 3rd in next ch, 2sc in same sp as 1st sc. (6)
R2- 2sc in 2sc, sc in 1, 2sc in 2sc, sc in last sc, join. (10) do not cut.
Foot: ch4, 4sc in 2nd ch, sl st in last 2 ch, sl st to leg in sm sp as chain 4 and finish off.
Sew to right side of body

LEFT: repeat as for right side
After 'join', sl st in 5, repeat foot.
Sew to left side of body

Front legs, make 2: ch 6, 4sc in 2nd ch from hook, sl st in remaining ch's.
Finish off and sew to front of body.

Happy Crocheting!


  1. this is so sweet! what an adorable pup. my little boys will love him! :) thank you for sharing the pattern.

  2. On the back legs I do not understand the instructions. Can you explain in more details.

  3. R1- ch3, sc in 2nd ch, 3rd in next ch, 2sc in same sp as 1st sc. (6)

    Sharleen,I noticed that I have a typo in the first Row. Was that the confusion? Or is there something else? Biz

    Row 1- chain 3, 2sc in 2nd ch from hook, then (typo) 3SC, not 3RD, in the next ch and end with 2sc in the same space as the original 1st sc.

  4. Ok. It was the typo. I'm a beginner and it was confusing. Thanks!


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