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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Mini-Hat #4 - Decoration/Gift Bag Knit Pattern

KNIT (and tiny bit of crochet for the hanging loop) VERSION by Elizabeth Mareno
sz 9 straight needles
G crochet hook
Lg eye needles for sewing seam
Small amounts of WW yarn (Used RHSS Turqua and Lavender)
Stitches Used:
Purl, Knit, Slip Purlwise, (crochet chain)
*wyib- with yarn in back
*sl2p- slip 2 purlwise
with ribbing color, CO 34
1- k1, p1 across
repeat row 1 for 4 rows or 3/4"
run yarn along side of work
1- knit row
2- purl ro2
3- sl first 2 st purlwise, join second color, (k2, wyib sl2p,) repeat across
4- (p2, wyib sl2p) repeat across
5 & 6: repeat rows 1 & 2
7- w/second color (k2, sl2p), repeat across
8- (sl2p, p2) repeat
9-24- Repeat rows 1-8 two more times
should be 4-ish inches after row 24
25- k2, (k3, k2tog) 6 times, k2 (28)
26- k2, (k2, k2tog) 6 times, k2 (22)
27- k2, (k1, k2tog) 6 times, k2 (16)
28- (k2tog) across (8)
Cut yarn, leave a long end for sewing. Cinch up the top and sew seam.
*Make a pom-pom for the top.
*Hanger- Keep the seam on the fold- attach hanging yarn color to a post dcon
the inner edge of the hat brim with a sl st. Chain 18-25 (your
preference),sl st to a post on opposite side of the hat brim. Cut and weave

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