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Traveling Cow Pattern!

Traveling Cow Pattern

by Elizabeth Mareno

An ad-free version with extensive assembly pictures can be purchased on ETSY or my website


The materials list for these little cows is not super precise, A) because I was traveling and used only stash/leftover yarn, and B) because gauge isn’t super important for this toy. I encourage you to use whatever you have on hand, whatever makes you happy, whatever you like to work with!

Yarn- Whatever yarn you are using you will need about 2 ozs (57 gms) for the body, and small bits (less than an ounce) for the extras. I used Light #3/baby (DK) weight yarn for the light brown cow and worsted (10 ply) garment cotton for the dark brown.444444

Hook- Choose a hook about one size smaller than you would use regularly with your chosen yarn so that your stitches can be tight enough to keep the fluff from poking through. I used an F (3.75mm) with the Light #3/baby weight yarn, and a G (4mm) with the worsted kitchen cotton.

Large Eye Needle for assembly

Scissors, Polyester fluff for stuffing, Safety eyes (if you choose), Straight pins


Do not join unless instructed to do so.

Leave a long tail on all pieces except the body/head to use for sewing.


Head and Body: starting at the bottom

Rd1 - MR, 6sc 
Rd2 - Inc around (12) 
Rd3 - (Sc in next, inc) around (18) 
Rd4 - (Sc in next 2, inc) around (24) 
Rd5 - (Sc in next 3, inc) around (30)
Rd6 - (Sc in next 4, inc) around (36) 
Rd7 - (Sc in next 5, inc) around (42) 
Rd8-13 - Sc around 
Rd14 – (Sc in next 5, inv dec) around (36) 
Rd15-16 - Sc around 
Rd17 -(Sc in next 4, inv dec) around (30) 
Rd18-19 Sc around 
Rd20 – (Sc in next 3, inv dec) around (24) 
Rd21-22 Sc around 
Rd23 – (Sc in next 2, inv dec) around (18) 
Rd24-25 – Sc around. START STUFFING
Rd26 – (Sc in next 2, Inc in next) around (24) 
Rd27 – (Sc in next 3, Inc in next) around (30) 
Rd28 – (Sc in next 4, Inc in next) around (36) 
Rd29-33 Sc around. 
Rd34 – (Sc in next 4, inv dec) around (30) 
Rd35 - (Sc in next 8, inv dec, sc in next 3, inv dec,) twice (26) 
Rd36 - (Sc in next 2, inv dec) x6, sc in last 2 (20) 
Rd37 - (Sc in next, inv dec) x6, sc in last 2 (14) Finish Stuffing
Rd38 – inv dec around (7) 
Cut and sew closed. 

Face details: If you choose to use safety eyes, you will need to get them placed before you close up your head. Safety eyes belong about Round 30.

You can embroider eyes, mouth, nostrils as you please.


Rd1 – MR, 6sc 
Rd2 - *(sc in next sc, ch5-sl st in 2nd ch from hook and next 3 ch (teet), sc in sm st) 2times, 2sc in next sc, repeat from * once. (12sc-4teets)
Rd3 - skipping teets- Inc around (24) 
Rd4 – Sc around (24)

When you apply your udder, it can be very helpful to use some stick pins to hold it in place while you attach it to the body. It just helps to keep it from shifting on you.


Rd1 - Ch7, 3sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 4 ch, 3 sc in last ch. Working on other side of ch, sc in 4 ch. JOIN. (14) 
Rd2 - Ch1, Inc in sm st as join, Inc in next 2, sc in next 4, Inc in next 3, sc in next 4 sc, JOIN. (20) 
Rd3 - Ch1, sc in sm st as join and each sc around (20) 
Stuff your muzzle just before finishing.


Horns: make 2

Rd1 - MR, 6sc 
Rd2-3 Sc around (6) 
Rd4 - (Sc in next, inc) around (9) 
Rd5 - (Sc in next 2, inc) around (12) 
(Don't stuff!! Place them evenly spaced on the top of the head and sew them on.)

Legs: make 4 with hoof color and leg color

Rd1 - MR, 6sc 
Rd2 – (sc in next, inc) around (9) 
Rd3 – In FLO of rnd 2, sl st in each sc (9) 
Rd4 – In BLO of rnd2, sc in each (9) 
Rd5 – (back to both loops) sc around, changing to leg color in last st (9) 
Rd6-10 – sc around (9) Finish off. Stuff

If you keep your sl st loose you will have a more pronounced hoof, and it will make the back loop easier to find when you start creating the leg part.
I like to apply my bottom legs closer to the udder so that they help hold my cow up when I put her on a flat surface. 😊…or a not-so-flat surface.

Ears: Ch10, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next 3 ch, dc in next 2 ch, hdc in next 2 ch, 3sc in last ch. Working on other side of the chain, hdc in next 2 ch, dc in next 2 ch, hdc in next 3 ch, sc in last ch, join. Finish off leaving long tail for sewing. Sew to head just behind horn and make sure it hangs down. 

Tail: Attach with a sl st at the top of the butt. 
Chain 15, sl st in 2nd ch from hook and next 12 sts 
Finish off. 
Cut desired number of yarn pieces and tie to free end of tail. 

Collar: Chain 25.
Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each chain. 
Wrap around neck and tack ends together. 
Bell: MR, place 4 sc and 4 hdc into MR. Finish off

Terminology used:
Sc (UK dc)- single crochet (double crochet)
Hdc (UK htrc)- half double crochet (half treble crochet)
Dc (UK trc)- double crochet (treble crochet)
Sl st (UK ss)- slip stitch
Ch- chain
Sp- space 
Inc- increase – place 2sc (UK 2dc) in space indicated
Inv dec- worked like a 2sc (UK 2dc) decrease, but only in the front loops

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