Monday, September 28, 2020

Cobblestone Shawl Pattern

 Hello, Lovelies!

Today I'm introducing a new shawl line that I will be expanding on. It will include my first Sweet and Simple shawl pattern from 2008. Over the years Sweet N Simple Shawl has been an extremely popular pattern used by shawl ministries all over the world. I want to continue to sow into those ministries by providing another simple shawl pattern that can be used for everything, especially blessing others. If you don't want to deal with the free version on my blog, you can purchase an ad-free version on my website. 

I introduce to you the "Cobblestone: A Sweet and Simple Shawl Pattern"

This follows my Sweet and Simple philosophy of creating a design that uses 4 or fewer repeat rows to create a whole garment. That makes it a great pattern for beginners, as well as the more experienced because it's easy to memorize and you can achieve success no matter what level of crochet you currently are. This stitch repeat has a cluster stitch that makes for a light texture throughout. It reminded me of cobblestones, hence the name. But, the texture makes the shawl both light and warm. 

I created samples in both a fingering weight yarn (Scheepjes Whirl) and a DK weight/Light #3 yarn (Baby Bee Sweet Delight Print). Information for both is included in the pattern. 

Cobblestone: Scheepjes Whirl in Lavenderlicious
Fingering Weight, 60% Cotton/ 40% Acrylic

Cobblestone: Baby Bee Sweet Delight
#3 Light, 60% Acrylic/ 40% Polyamide

Cobblestone Shawl Pattern:


Scheepjes Whirl, fingering weight, (215g/1094yds/1000m) - 1 cake- Lavenderlicious (gradient yarn)
Hook: F/3.75mm

Baby Bee Sweet Delight Prints, #3 Light Worsted/DK yarn, (4oz/377yds)- 4 skeins- Brown Multi (may be discontinued)
Hook: F/3.75mm

Fingering Finished/Blocked Size:  14" W x 60" L
Gauge: in pattern/blocked- 5 rows x 4 clusters = 4" x 4"

#3 Light Worsted Finished/Unblocked Size: 24” W x 60 “ L
Gauge: in pattern/unblocked- 5 rows x 4 clusters = 4" x 4"


  1. Just remember that you can change the hook and yarn size to work with whatever you have in your stash- however, you need to make sure you have extra yarn because changing hooks and yarn weight change how much you use. 
  2. You can also alter the width of the shawl by adding more repeats. The multiples for this pattern are 6sts +1, plus 2 for the foundation chain.
  3. Blocking is HIGHLY recommended for this shawl because it begins to "lean" while you are working on it.
  4. ch3 counts as a dc throughout, ch5 counts as tr + ch1 throughout.
US Abbreviations:
ch- chain
sl st- slip stitch
sc- single crochet
dc- double crochet
hdc- half double crochet
tr- treble crochet

Special Stitches
sc3tog- (insert hook into next stitch, pull up a loop)3x, yo, pull through all 3 loops
hdc5tog-(yo, insert hook into the indicated st, pull up a loop) 5x, yo, pull through all loops on the hook, ch1


Row 1- (RS) ch105, hdc in 3rd ch from hook, *sc in next ch, sc3tog over next 3ch, sc in next ch, (hdc, dc, hdc) in next ch; repeat from * to the end of the row ending the last repeat with (hdc, dc) in the last ch. Turn.

Row 2- ch3 (cts as dc), sk2, *(tr, ch3, tr) in next sc, sk2 **, hdc5tog in next dc; repeat from * ending last repeat at **, dc in turn ch. Turn.

Row 3- ch1, sk 1dc, sc in next tr, *(sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc) in next ch3**, sc3tog over next 3 st ; repeat from * ending last repeat at **, sc2tog over last dc and turning ch. Turn.

Row 4- ch5 (cts as trc + ch1), trc in 1st sc, *sk 2, hdc5tog in next dc, sk2**, (trc, ch3, trc) in next sc; repeat from * ending last repeat at **, (trc, ch1, trc) in turning ch. Turn.

Row5- ch3 (cts as dc), hdc in same sp, sc in next ch, *sc3tog over next 3 st**, (sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc) in next ch3 sp; repeat from * ending last repeat at **, sc in ch1 sp, (hdc, dc) in 4th ch of ch5. Turn.

Repeat Rows 2-5 to desired length.       

Both versions make a great scarf! Happy Crocheting!

© Bizzy Crochet and Design 2020

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