Friday, May 10, 2019

Stitch of the Week #8- Catherine Wheel

Catherine Wheel Dishcloth

Stitch of the Week #8

YouTube Video Tutorial Available

Materials Needed:

 2oz total- #4/Worsted Weight Cotton (used I Love This Cotton by Hobby Lobby)
#7/4.5 mm Hook
Lg eye needle for weaving ends

For the best effect, use two colors for this pattern.

Finished size: 7” W x 9” H

Specialty Stitches:

Cluster: (yo, insert hook, yo, draw up loop, yo, draw through 2 loops) over the indicated number of stitches, yo, draw through all loops on the hook.

Ch3 at the beginning of a row counts as dc throughout

Abbreviations- US terms:

Ch- chain
cts- counts
dc- double crochet
sc- single crochet
sk- skip
sp- space
st- stitch
yo- yarn over


R1- with color 1, ch 37, sc in the second ch from the hook, sc in the next ch, (sk 3ch, 7dc in next, sk 3ch, sc in 3ch) 3x, sk 3ch, 4dc in last ch. Change color

R2- w/color 2, ch1, sc in first 2st, *ch3, work Cluster over the next 7st, ch3, sc in the next 3st; repeat from * to last 4st, ch3, Cluster over the last 4st. Do NOT change color.

R3- ch3, turn, 3dc in the first st, *sk 3ch, sc in each of next 3sc, sk 3ch, 7dc in loop that closed the next Cluster; repeat from * and end by skipping 3ch and sc in last 2 sc, Change color

R4- w/ color 1, ch3, sk first st, Cluster over the next 3st, *ch3, sc in each of the next 3 st, ch3, Cluster over the next 7st; repeat from * to end, ch3, sc in the last st, sc in turning ch, Do NOT change color.

R5- ch1, sc in each of next 2sc, *7dc in the loop that closed the next Cluster, sk 3ch, sc in each of next 3sc; repeat from * to end, 4dc in turning ch. Change color

R6-20- Repeat R2-R5, ending with a R4.

Edge the top and bottom with a row of sc across.

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