Thursday, August 16, 2007

July Camping Trip

Here's our July Camping Trip. I've been such a terrible blogger! We had about 3 weeks of nothing but go, go, go and this is really the first time I've had the chance to sit long enough to even think about cropping pics and blogging!!

These first two pics are a little out of sync...first they tested the water..THEN they went in it!

Here's our camp site complete with mini-private lagoon! It stayed this 'neat' looking for about 2 hours....then we started 'living' in it for 4 days....

Our very first day and next morning there were frigid...but it made for a gorgeous morning. This is the mist coming off the lake at about 6:30 am....yeah...I'm not a late sleeper....

We all made instant friends with the family camping next to us. Stef and Teo hung out with their boys every day, all day.... Teo even had his own 'rubber knife gang' to hang around with....

We ate lots of smore's....I mean was there even a question?? We also had eggs al fresco...they were realllllly good too! We are not hard-core campers so we don't have any of the fancy fan-dangled technical camping equipment....but we had a whole lot of fun!

The duckies that swam in our lagoon....Mama and two babies. I was able to sneak up close enough to get a picture the morning we were packing up to leave.

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