Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day Two Pic: Teo's Babette Blanket

It's not literally day two for me anymore. The blanket is done. The blanket has just always been where my camera is not. ;)

This picture is still partial way through the sewing together. You can kind of see a separation between the blanket and a row that is waiting to be sewn on. I would do a row across then sew everything on in one fell swoop. For assembly I counted 40 "rows" across. All of my squares together on one row had to equal 40 rows: 1-10row square, 4-6row squares(24rows), 6-2row squares(12rows), 1-8row square (all those side by side equal 30 rows)...then you just configure more squares for the remaining 10 "rows" and sew them. As it started to come together I personally thought it looked great.

I promise to get a picture of the blanket tonight so that you can see it in his room. The blanket turned out huge and it matches his room great. He has midnight blue walls and neon green, yellow, red, and orange in his room. Amazingly this blanket looks absolutely perfect with it! :)

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  1. i'm amazed that that pile of not-quite-matching yarn turned into such a fab blanet!! wow!! you did an amazing job! i saw your butterfly afghan on rav and cliked on your other projects and saw his blanket.
    also, i watched law and order today and the main charachter was named teo. hehehe.. made me think of you!


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