Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Ok, if I had been a good designer, I would have come on here with a super cute Valentine's goodie for you to crochet......but apparently, I'm not, so no goodies for you. :) Go buy some chocolate! :)

Just wanted to share puffy heart jubilation with you and wish you and your significant other a beautiful, sunny, warm, California beachy romantic sunset Happy Valentines Day!! Which would all be so much better if I were really on a beautiful, sunny, warm, California beach.

Instead, I am living through winter #2.

We had about 4 days of sunshine and rain. Lots of mud and melting going on. Running around in only sweatshirts. It was 40 and balmy, folks. My kids were all like "Oh...yay...Spring is on its way...."

I had to burst their bubble. I could not let them go on in a hopeful daze. You never start anticipating Spring in February in Northern Wisconsin. Start getting excited for it in April...not February!

Anticipating spring in February is like taking an ice pick to your eyeball and trying to dig it out. Slow and seriously painful. By March, you are ready to April, you are pretty much sure that God has forgotten you live May, you're just cranky and hard to live with. No getting around it. So for my own sanity...I dashed their Spring dreams on the harsh, cruel rocks of reality.

My hunka-hunka burnin' love bought me an MP3 player for V-Day. Total awesomeness. I am currently filling it to the rim with musical goodness. Oh man, talking like that made me realize I'm jonesin' for some coffee. (Brim coffee commercial, circa 1970's, ya know, "Fill it to the rim with Brim").

MMmmm...Jehovah energizer!

Ok, so enough of my rambling for today. Enjoy your lover's holiday. I'll be going to a banquet tonight that is serving all kinds of anti-Weight Watcher-friendly (yes, I'm back on that) foods. And I'm gonna love every second of it....WHILE staying in my points. Yay me (with London Tipton!)! Ok....if you ever doubted the validity of me having can't possibly doubt it now. No adult in their right minds would know a line from "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" on their own. No one.

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  1. actually, this is gonna sound creepy til i explain, R watched suite life while i was pregnant so sort of before we had kids... lol! it started b/cs disney channel was the only safe channel when he was OOT on business trips and staying in hotels, and it cracked him up! so yeah, we've seen plenty of zach and cody in our day, even w/ LOs as young as ours! lol!
    happy vday!


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