Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

As I sit here scarfing my lunch (soooper hungry) of leftover sauteed peppers, onions, garlic and zucchini with feta cheese and a homemade spelt pita....I remember the pictures of Toby that I promised to share with you featuring the Barnyard Gang.
There is only one picture of the carnage that I won't be able to show you. It is on my phone and although I carry a small media center around in my purse, the one cable I don't have is the one for my phone to connect to the computer. I will, however, describe the picture to you. It's a little blurry. Lola is dangling from my mother's cupboard by her tail, upside down, udder facing out. No one is quite sure how Toby, who is 13 months old, was able to coordinate such an effort. But, it made for a hilarious picture. One I really, really wanted to show you. :) It's a testament to the hardy structure of the toy itself. From the moment Lola came out of the bag, she was one of his favorites (the other was Jedediah's hat). He tried to behead her, de-tail her and rip most of the rest of her limbs off as well. Watching him play with the Barnyard Gang reaffirmed for me why I double sew everything on. It needs to last and not be a choking hazard. And Toby would have found a way to make it a choking hazard, if he could. LOL
Without further's Toby.
Notice that Bob is almost flat? He's gotten crawled over a few times...

So that was the Tobinator.
Next up: Baby Socks.
When I was looking through my yarn stash a day or so ago I came across little balls of leftover sock yarn. So, yesterday, I got a wild hair and decided that I needed to make some baby socks out of those little balls. The balls looked so small to me I thought, "I won't be able to get more than one baby sock out of each of those balls. This'll be a great way to stash bust some of this mess out of here, baby socks work up fast AND I'll be able to work my way back into sock making (I haven't touched them in almost 2 years)." Well. Let me share a little secret. Little balls of sock yarn make many baby socks. Because the little balls of yarn sit in my bag and they never end. Ever.
I did have a grand time surfing the web for baby sock patterns, though, and I printed off a pile of them to make. I am going to do with these what I did with the dishcloth patterns I printed off. I want to make at least one pair of every pattern I printed. I am 1 sock done on the first pattern. lol I know I made it sound like I had knitted 15 socks off of one ball, but I didn't. Only one sock...but I was so sure that darn thing would've taken up alot more yarn than it did.
Here's the picture and pattern of my fat, little baby socks.

Here is the extra yarn I brought with me today. Although if I don't get off this computer, I won't even finish the second sock to the first pair....
Here's the list of patterns I will be tackling in the next few days in an effort to **Bust the Stash** (insert loud, echo-ey announcers voice here):
and some Just for Fun items from Lion Brand Yarn Company:
*You will have to sign up for free membership to view these patterns*
Thought Stefani might enjoy a pair of the leg warmers. We'll see if I have enough ambition to get them done. lol

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