Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Labor Day Stuff

Labor Day weekend was a very full weekend for us.

Saturday we started it off by heading to Bayfield for the day. Isn't it weird how there really isn't a convenient time to plan a day trip? You just have to slam it into your schedule and not apologize for its invasion of your routine. That's what the trip to Bayfield was like for us. Not convenient, but Oh, such a necessity. This year we got to take some good friends of ours. The Bushman's. Sam had never been before. Her husband and kids had gone the year before with his parents, but this still seemed like a new experience for them. We showed them our once-a-year haunts and favorite stores. We walked the cobblestone streets down to the used book store and perused the overpriced handmade pieces of art in the various shops that line the road. We, finally, after much nagging and grumbling by children, made it to the candy shop where much fudge and salt water taffy was purchased by all. Not to mention the rock candy and various caramels.... We ate our lunch @ Maggie's, as usual, and enjoyed a quick walk through of the local farmer's market where I acquired some lovely hand dyed wool (the picture beneath the group). And walked along the pier before heading out into the country to visit an orchard we like. They have a wonderful blueberry wine that we bought a bottle of for a Christmas present. We also bought some early apples( "Wealthy's" to be exact) that I plan to turn into applesauce and can this weekend. (Find out more about Bayfield @ their official Blog, it's a lovely place.)

The wind, she was a-blowin' hard!!
Lake Superior & the Apostle Islands behind us.

Hand-dyed wool.

Sunday we hung out at my parents for lunch and then went home and did NOTHING! Hallelujah!:)
Monday dawned bright and frisky. We decided to take another day trip, this time to Wausau. We had some grocery shopping that needed to be done and we figured we would do some other shopping while we were there, as well. As we were getting read to walk out the door I grabbed my crocheted market bags and realized that I didn't have enough of one particular kind. It's nice and roomy and has a much better handle than the tall, skinny ones I made (sorry no pics of those). So, I quick grabbed a J hook and a cone of cotton and away we went. I decided to make another bag on the way to Wausau (hour and a half trip, one way). I got about 1/2 done on the way down. Here I have pics of the start:
Nearly full cone of Americana colored Peaches n Creme (can't remember the real name).

The start of my bag.


Finished her up last night.

My teeny-weeny cone of leftovers. lol.
This will probably get me one or two more dishcloths.
Now, I just need to remember to take them into the store and use them. :)


  1. i love that you thought of a need for a new bag, grabbed yarn, and voila, did it! crazy girl. :) are you a faster crocheter than knitter? btw, i'm knitting my first pair of socks (well, technically i frogged the first of my first.ever.pair but i had hardly made any headway w/ it). this is worsted so much quicker. anyway i'm rambling!
    your weekend sounded lovely. makes me want to visit y'all some summer!! :)

  2. Oh, I'm a waaaayyy faster crocheter than knitter. I'm getting better @ the knitting, but still....

    I'm so glad to hear you are trying socks. They really can be so much fun. I do love knitting the ones out of worsted because they work up so fast. I made a beautiful pair of wool ones for my father that had an intarsia snowflake on the sides....well, my mom washed them in the washer and they now fit my I really need to make him another pair this I just need to get back into sock making anyway!! Somebody kick me in the pants!

    Would love a visit anytime. I think about you often come January and February. :)


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