Saturday, June 17, 2017

Some Friendships Become "Framily"

Sorry for my absence these last couple Sundays. We were traveling seeing family and friends up north. Today's post just happens to be about a small portion of that:

The top picture was taken in 2010 in Bayfield, WI. We were the Bushareno clan which included Sam and Chris Bushman and their three kids Bryen, Jasper, and Vanessa, and our family, the Mareno's, Tony, Biz, Stefani, and Teo.  
L-R in back: Stefani, Bryen, Tony, Chris, Sam, Teo
L-R in front: Vanessa, Biz, Jasper

In 2011, the Marenos moved to Florida. *insert heart-wrenching sad music*
Many tears were cried, and we have desperately missed our good friends all six years we have been here, but...we just can't do WI weather anymore.

Over time my brother's kids, the Fishers (Emily, Sam, Liz, and Josey), have gotten to be good friends with the Bushman kids. So, the next picture was done just a week ago at a 90th birthday party for my grandmother, and they are now known as the 
Busharenofish clan. 

It was so wonderful to see them all together again. They are almost all adults now, and they enjoyed each other immensely. Chris wasn't able to make the trip, but Tony and I had a great time visiting with Sam. Just made us miss them all the more. We are making plans to take an anniversary trip together to the Smokey Mountains next year. NO KIDS.
Some friendships only get better with time. 

                    L-R: Sam, Bryen, Vanessa, Stefani, Emily, Liz, Teo, Jasper, and Josey

That picture makes me wax nostalgic, because it reminds me of the movie Sandlot and their group picture. The last summer before they all split up and went on to different lives. Yet, there was a story of enduring friendship woven in. *sigh* I like to think our little group has it's own "Yeah-Yeah", and "Squints", and "Ham."
 These guys are second generation framily. :)

Sam (17) and Vanessa (17) will be a Seniors this year. Bryen (19) works on a farm. Stefani (22) has moved 1200 miles away from home to work in a ministry. Emily (19) is getting ready to leave for 9 months on a missions trip to Taiwan. Lizzie (15) starts HS this year. Teo (20) is going back to school this Fall to get his Carpentry certificate. Jasper (18) just graduated HS this year and will be going to school for Cabinetry and Engineering. And Josey (12) is bringing up the rear starting 7th grade. 

What an adventure life is....

Sandlot picture credit

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  1. Without a doubt we have made some wonderful memories, and I'm looking forward to making many more.


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