Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Wow. I'm going to see how long I can keep this posting everyday thing up. Now watch tomorrow I'll forget.

There's nothing really very exciting to share. Oh wait. I made a backpack set yesterday. One for a little girl and one for her doll. And by five thirty this morning my right arm was throbbing in pain and going numb. I think I need to get this carpal tunnel thing checked out.
Anyway. I thought you might enjoy the adorable color combinations. My daughter picked them out. And even though I've already made her her own backpack(two years ago), she wants this one. I've told her no. But she is a professional nagger...I mean she could make money doing this. She is almost 12 (in 7 days) and has had mannnny years of practice. She knows she can break me down. I want to be resolved about this, but I always feel guilty. Don't ask me why, its not like she is lacking for ANYTHING! When she was diagnosed with cancer she really learned how to tweek the old 'precious moments' eyes and then go in for the kill. I'm telling you she could earn a living.....
I will talk to you later. I have a doll nightie, robe and slippers to design. It's sitting in my head just screaming to come out and be worn by an American Girl!!!

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