Friday, May 30, 2008

Stefani's Babette: Punk Rock Rainbow

The Punk Rock Rainbow is well under way. In fact it's almost done. I am only 2-12row, 1-10row and 2-8row squares away from being completed. Then it's just the piecing together which is the funnest part. (yes, I just said funnest. on purpose.)

This is a shot of my yarn. I haven't used anything more except black. I'm on my third skein of that. I find it hilarious that they haven't caved in on themselves and made a huge mess for me yet. Heck, I don't think I'm even going to have to crack open any second skeins of the colors. I know I'll be on skein #4 of the black before I'm done...but that's awesome! I scheduled myself for 11 skeins of yarn and I will only be at 10 when I'm done. Oh yeah baby, I'm just that good. ..........ttssss!

LOL (that was my wet finger steaming on my hot backside, in case you didn't get it.)

Here's a shot of the four rows when they were done. There are duplicates in the four row squares and the 2 row squares, but no repeats in the 6-8-10- or 12 row squares. There are alot more color combos than just what is pictured, but it would have been too hard to lay them all out to take a picture of them.

Here's my yarny mess. I leave long ends for sew & assembly. I just find it easier. Some people find it messier and harder...but that's why they are them and not me.

Both of these pics are shots of the completed 2-4-6, partial pile of 8's and one 10 row square.

Oh the fun of the color combinations! I can hardly wait to get this one together!!!

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  1. looks good--can't wait to see it completed


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