Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Potholder Pattern

(I would say these are by me, but I got the pattern from my grandma eons ago)

With Chunky or Bulky yarn & size I/J hook
ch 26
1- sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across (25), work down the opposite side of ch (do not increase in the corner) put a sc in each ch across. do not join (50 total sc)

Then continue to work in each sc around until the square begins to fold in on itself forming a 'hot pad'. (It will look like a bag or pouch by now).This will be about 10 rows for the chunky/bulky yarn. On one end I chain 6 to form a loop to hang it with. This is completely optional. Then when the edges meet together nicely without puckering or pulling...I simply whipstitch the edge together and Voila! you have a potholder!

Potholder/Hotpad with WW yarn & G/H hook.

Ch 36
1- sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across (35), working on the opposite side of the ch (do not increase in the corner) sc in each ch. do not join. (70 total sc).

Then repeat as for the Bulky/chunky pattern. Do the same for the loop and assembly.

It really is the easiest pattern. Just remember the edges need to fold in towards each other. If you are sewing it together in a big's not's just not this pattern. :)

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