Monday, November 17, 2008

Some FO's.

First up. Slippers. Made them for charity, then found out I made the wrong 'kind' of slipper for this particular I donated them to my husband, who has never gotten a pair of slippers from me..*shock*

You can get this pattern here.

Next up, some more ballband dishcloths. The blue one I made with 1/2 cotton yarn and 1/2 acrylic yarn. The purpose behind that was to create sort of a 'scrubbie' dishcloth. I like the abrasiveness of acrylic for scrubbies. The pink one was the ultimate 'use up your leftovers' dishcloth. I ran out of yarn 4 times making this one...hence the multicolors.

This pattern is in the first Mason-Dixon Knitting book, which is a reeeeaaallly good book that you have to buy OR at the Elmore-Pisgah website for free, since they are the ones that invented it. :) You pick.

Since finishing these items, I have also finished knitting: two pairs of mittens, a neck warmer, a hat, working on another hat, 2 bibs (Baby Bibs O Love, MDK book), 1 burp cloth (same book), working on another burp cloth..hoping to make another bib and burp cloth after that before Friday this week. I have finished crocheting: A princess castle with characters. Yay!

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