Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Blanket of Many Colors...

Ok. I never make afghans just for the 'fun of it'. Is there such a thing? EEk.

No, if I make an afghan it's for a gift or because someone requested it. Someone special.

So it shocks me to the core of my being to know that I just cracked out an afghan for the 'fun of it' in the last couple weeks. I made this afghan pattern for my MIL eons ago. Then I made one for my mom. Then I think I either lost the book or lent it to someone. Either way, it was no longer in my stash of books. I kept looking at my mom's just wishing that I could make that afghan again...I know, sick... Well, anyway, I happened to be looking through the new pattern books on one of my favorite vendors on ebay (here is my other fave vendor for patterns and wools)and lo and behold....there it was. My pattern. I didn't care WHAT I had to pay to get that was mine. Turns out I didn't have to pay that much and now I have my pattern back! Yay, me!

So I decided....stash only. Using up my stash. No purchasing yarn. Just stash. Yeah, that lasted about 2 days. I bought 4 skeins to finish it up because I wanted to throw a variegated in there and I wanted the red to continue throughout. Somebody saw it one day and said "Oh, are you making a Mexican blanket?" I'm like..."Um...Yeah....A mexican blanket." It had never occurred to me that my color choices totally looked like a mexican blanket! But, there it was....

So now it's called my Mexican Blanket. With lots of color.

Center medallion.

Gettin' worked on.

Finished in a fold.

Laid out, close up.


Colors used were Gold, Carrot, Ranch Red, Rust Heather, Green fleck, Cornmeal, Fall variegated, Off White, Heather Gray, Oxford Gray, Warm Brown, and Williamsburg print.
Everything but the Oxford Gray and the Rust Heather is just basic Red Heart. The Oxford is Wool-Ease and the Rust is Bernat Super Value. Just in case you were wondering! :)

Book is by Leisure Arts. I believe the name is "Afghans for All Seasons". Could be wrong?? I hate it when I can't remember the names! This afghans name is "Fall Splendor".

K. Tah!


  1. OHMYGOSH that blanket is gorgeous. you HAVE to keep it. it is so amazing. i want one. it makes me want to crochet in a bad kind of way. and i don't even want to crochet (past my rudimentary knowledge!).
    oh wow.
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Aren't these fun to make? Great choice of colors.


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