Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New Look

I seriously felt the need for a new 'do.

Black was getting so oppressive. I also realized that I hadn't read very many of the crafty blogs in my "favorite crafty blogs" list in a really long time. So I decided to have a look-see. Let's just say, many of them got deleted. I don't want to have stuff on my blog just for the sake of having 'stuff'. My need to purge the junk out of my real life is overflowing into my online life.

I hope the new format doesn't throw anyone. It's a little hard for me to look at, only because I was so used to the old one. And I tried to put the info bars in a different place....but, i just couldn't. My info may never leave the right side of my blog.....:(

K. Tah for now. Have to get ready to go home for the day. New pics of my seriously wild jungle of a garden will be coming soon!


  1. i like it! it's fresh! i'm loving all the new blogger designs. :) i might have to ignore your garden out of sheer jealousy! are y'all getting hot yet?

  2. I like the look, easy on the eyes. I have been playing with the new blogger looks and while they take some getting used to, based on my traffic, people seem to like them.

    Enjoy the garden. We have planted a bumper crop of veggies and are enjoying several years of perennial work so we don't have to invest as much time with flowers this year.

  3. Thanks Misty & Bailey!

    I will be harvesting my first zucchini this week! I'm so excited!! And I took pictures, I just have to get them posted now.


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