Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the Barnyard Gang!!

I couldn't wait until I had the pattern ready to post for you to meet the "Barnyard Gang".

Here they are all together with their little barn bag. This bag has a similar construction to the others that I have here on my blog, but this one has a hollow roof to allow for more space for critters to be stored. And if you'll notice, we have 5 characters this time instead of the usual four. I just couldn't leave out the chicken or the cow.

Meet Jedediah. The steady-handed, faithful farmer. (Thanks for the name, Michael!)

Jedediah, farmer, with removable hat.
Here is Bob the Chicken. He is an attitude on wheels! And don't you dare ask him for an egg! He can't help it that he has frilly girl feathers on his butt!
Bob, the Chicken

Can you say, Moo? Lola, the cow, is the anatomically correct Dutch Belted Cow, otherwise known as the "Oreo" cow. :) If crocheting teets on an udder makes you uncomfortable...just leave them off...she can be the Ken doll of the Amigurumi world.

Lola, the cow

Neigh, neigh baby! Chuck, the horse, is ready for action! His legs and his neck are a little long, but he makes up for it with blue eyes and a great mane. You should see him swish it in the wind!

Chuck, the horse

Paco, the pig. The cutest munchkin on the whole farm. He's friendly and helpful and likes to have a good time. He's a little wary of large holes containing wood and buildings with lots of smoke.
Paco, the pig
So make sure you come back and visit us here on the farm! We can't wait to be made by you for your little critter!


  1. I can't wait to see the pattern.

  2. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Okay....I TOTALLY LOVE THE PIG. That is the cutest friggin thing, I have EVER seen. Good job!


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