Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I know that I mentioned this before, but I have a nephew and a future niece visiting till this Friday. It has been an intensely fun time! We have spent much time at the beach. I have just a few more pictures to share.

Riley and Stefani. BFF's sittin in the surf.

(essentially filling their suits to capacity with sand)

The sand castle. An ambitious bunch aren't they?

Kyle and Teo decided to save it and create a moat. Or wall.

Either way, it was a complete act of futility. The surf kept wiping it out.

We are planning one more trip to Arlene Williams BBQ on Pace Street in Pensacola. Oh yeah, baby! Best BBQ on the planet, bar none. (**What does bar none actually mean and where did it come from?) The kids and I are taking one more trip to the Naval Air Museum on the base today. We went there Monday and didn't make it to the second level. It's free, so why not go back? We are, also, going to be visiting the Pensacola Lighthouse today. It's apparently haunted. LOL...yeah, ok. It's going to be fun no matter what. The kids are stoked about going so that's all that matters.

It's breaking my heart that I have to send Kyle and Riley back. I cry when I think about it. I love those kids so much. BUT, they have people that are depending on them and they are going to be a man and a woman of God and fulfill their duties and expectations. I thank God for them and know that they will be blessings to everyone they come in contact with.

My kids are going to be going back to Wisconsin for a nice long visit with Grandparents and friends this Summer. They are excited about ditching their mommy for a few weeks. *sniff* My husband keeps talking about "oh, lets do this when the kids are gone"....and..."let's do that when the kids are gone"...and..."three weeks without kids, baby...." Really?!? I keep thinking..."oh my gosh, what am i going to do without my kids for three weeks?"...and...."my babies....they are going to be gone for THREE WEEKS!!!!!"....and..."i'm going to be so bored, i need to volunteer somewhere"-Obviously Mom's and Dad's run down two totally opposite thought paths. LOL

One thing I know I am looking forward to in their absence is the lack of mess. My house will actually be clean for three whole weeks! LOL

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  1. We love the shore here in Galveston. Can you believe the water temp is 86 degrees already???

    Have a wonderful day.


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