Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Thank You Tuesday!

Yay...more pictures! Tuesdays are all about showing off the pictures of my patterns that my readers have been gracious enough to share with me. :) I love seeing what everyone is doing!

First up we have a couple of pictures by Nanette of Nanette Crochet on Blogspot! She's got a nice supply of her own Pokemon patterns, so you should check her out! Nanette used my Azurill pattern and created this first little guy...isn't he just cute??

Then, she modified the Azurill pattern and came up with a Marill pattern....Great Job, Nanette! He's so chubby...I love him!

A big shout out to Marie-France for making Charizard...*whew*....he's a lot of work!! She said she had some technical difficulties, but that she is hoping her son likes him. He's gonna LOVE him!! You did a GREAT job! Congrats on completing that monumental task!!

If you want me to showcase your amazingness...send me pics! I'll be happy to post them and give you all the credit for the finished product!! Yay, you!

1 comment:

  1. WOW, I was still so new at amigurumi when I made that Azurill. It was only my 3rd pokemon after voltorb and electrode.


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