Thursday, August 23, 2012

Howdy, howdy

Another update on the doing's of Bizzy. The green butterfly is the last of a 4 bug toy bag I'm designing. Almost done designing the bag, but I was recently inundated with orders and I have had to focus on those instead of designing.
One of my orders was for some baby girl hats for the new baby of my brother's friend from graduate school. Baby Flower Hat pattern -knit pattern. The lime green is a baby hat pattern of my own (I will share it later), but you can get the flower pattern here.
Here we have a few Lion Brand amigurumi's that I made for donating. You can go to and google "amigurumi" for a ton of absolutely adorable amigurumi crochet patterns that are super easy and great for using up scrap yarn. LOVE these ami's!

This picture and the next picture are two pillows for a four pillow order. They are huge! I totally miscalculated how much fluff they were going to take. They all take two bags. I am currently working on a Stop Sign and the last one is a Wrong Way sign.

We had a great visit with friends from Wisconsin over the weekend so I didn't get a whole lot done on the hooks or needles. There wasn't really any down time for doing any crafting. We spent the whole weekend playing cards and eating too much. They are crazy and drove, but we were SO blessed to be able to host them for the weekend and spend some much needed friend time with them. We miss those guys quite a bit.

Hope you are all doing well. And those of you prepping for school, hope you aren't ripping your hair out!

I am still doing well in school. I have been having trouble focusing for the last two weeks, but I'm getting better. lol. Just taking it one day at a time.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


My dad mentioned in one of his latest emails to me, that he goes on my blog to see if I've posted anything new and to try and keep up with my family. But, that it is hard to do when I never post anything.

So, sorry to you, Dad, and sorry to those of you that actually read my blog. I will really try to do better to keep you all in the loop.

I officially started my credit bearing classes at Uof Phoenix on July 23rd. It's been going well. This block seems kind of easy. It's university studies and personal finance. The univ studies is learning how to study in college and how to deal with diversity, etc. I am thoroughly enjoying that class. The reading is informative, the discussions are always good and I always feel like I'm learning something new. The personal finance is just kind of boring. I think I've already lived out everything they say you are not supposed to do to your credit score. I am the POSTER CHILD of how to screw up your credit rating. But, I am working my way out of that stigma. Slowly, but surely.

I have been applying for jobs again. Nothing has come of it yet. God is making my way before me. If a job outside of the home is not where I'm supposed to be, then He will show me what to do. One way or another He takes care of us.

Stefani is looking at completing her latest block of classes with online high school and when she turns 18 in January, she will take her GED test and be done. Hallelujah. One down, one to go! Now, my challenge will be getting my 16 year old through his last few years with good grades. If you've been with me for any length of time, you know that he is my problem child. Brilliant mind....that wanders and wanders and wanders... and when you get in his face, he gets belligerent. :-/ Another one of those, "God gives you what you can handle" situations.

Tony and I have been on the search for a home church for the last year and a half. I'm not sure where we are supposed to be anymore. We really liked the first church, but the kids didn't. So we went to a place that had a more friendly youth group. Kids loved it, we didn't. The kids are still attending the youth group, but we have gone back to church number one. We are leaving the option open to "church shop" a little more if we feel like it. I'll let you know what happens.

As for crocheting? My Etsy store is beginning to pick up. I am going to debut my first "For Sale" pattern this month. I'm a little excited about it. Feedback on pictures has been positive so far. My one fear is that everyone is going to jump ship when I start asking them to pay for patterns, since I've put them out for free for so long. But, it's time. I've sown and I will continue to sow, but it is also time to start reaping from my hard work. God has blessed and will continue to bless the work of my hands.

I still love Florida. The weather has been ridiculously wet this year. The Midwest would have fared quite well if the rain had gone more North. I am looking forward to it drying out a little and cooling down so I can open my house up and get some fresh air blowing through here. I only made it to the beach once this whole summer. It has rained every single weekend since June.

OH! My inlaws moved down here in June, too. Not sure if I told you or not. It's been nice having people we know here, but it's been an adjustment to try and remember that we aren't the only ones here. It's not just "us four and no more" anymore. lol

Ok. That's enough meandering and updating for today.Tah for now.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Rebel Post!!

The way Blogspot rearranges my pictures and just throws them in wherever it wants and won't let me move the first one.....AAHHHHH....Welcome to blog frustration!! So, I'm gonna be a rebel and leave them all where Blogspot threw them in and we'll just talk about them where they landed. It will be disjointed, out of order and (I'm sure) confusing from time to time, but just do your best to follow along. Remember, I'm a rebel today....

The first picture (the one that wouldn't move) is a diaper cover that I decided to put a little skull and crossbones on. I'm not one of those people that gets all hung up on "symbols". I think a skull and crossbones can be really cute on the right piece of apparel. I don't personally wear skulls and crossbones. I find that it's kind of hard to rock the "rebel" look as a chubby, short, super-conservative 40 year old woman who usually has yarn and hooks/needles in hand. BUT, my cousins little boy oozes adorable when he is wearing little skull and crossbone baby apparel. :-) Just oooozes!! Ever have a baby in your life that is so cute you almost can't stand it? LOL

Ok, next rebel picture is of my latest design. It's a dragonfly. I used Red Heart Super Saver in "Bonbon" to resemble "iridescence". After looking at him for a while, I wasn't sure if I should have made him in a solid color or not. I may still try him in solid.

Bug #2- Ladybug
Bug #3- Bumble Bee

I made another Ruffle Purse in Packer colors. I found this awesome pendant at Joann's. It was the perfect embellishment for this particular purse!

One of this week's "boredom busters" was a Kindle sock for my husband's Kindle Fire. I was concerned about the face getting scratched because he hauls it back and forth to church, etc. Rather than spending money on getting a cover, I knit him one. Because, frankly that fit my budget. :) Made with kitchen cotton.

This picture should have been first. It's the first thing I finished this week. It's a prayer shawl from a Leisure Arts knitted prayer shawl book. It only took a week, but I was never so happy to finish it.

Now, I'm working on a custom pillow order for someone. So my hands have been very, very busy crocheting 80 rows of 80 sc stitches....back and forth...back and forth. Rather mind numbing, but thankfully I don't have to watch my hands, so I can get in some Olympics while working on them.