Monday, May 25, 2015

Citrus Snowflakes Baby Blanket Pattern

Citrus Snowflakes Baby Blanket Pattern

by Elizabeth Mareno

This pattern is available on ETSY or my website.

Also, this pattern is available as an Ebook with both the adult and baby versions of the 
Citrus Snowflake Blanket.

Welcome to the Citrus Snowflakes Baby Blanket Pattern page. Why is this blanket called Citrus Snowflakes? The pattern I chose was called a snowflake pattern, but I didn't want to do it in traditional colors. I chose to do it in tropical, citrusy colors instead. My two favorite colors are coral and aqua, and you will see that palette and quite a few of my designs. 

Also, when I got to the edging, I just knew this blanket needed something dynamic. So, I chose an edging pattern that resembled fireworks, snowflakes, and flowers all together. The hardest part about the edging was figuring out the math. But, if you just follow my easy pattern, you won't have any trouble at all!

The pattern also comes with a link to a random stripe generator by Biscuits and Jam, as well as an alternative simple edging using the crab stitch. Don't let this adorable little blanket intimidate you!!

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful blanket! Love the colors, the stitches, and that border is outstanding!!

  2. What a lovely baby blanket, awesome color combination. Babies will love it too, thanks for sharing. Please visit White + Warren for more beautiful baby blanket. Thanks !

  3. Hello! Im Irene! I love crocheting! I have a blog too! i hope you will visit it as well! Nice to meet you! see you soon!!!


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