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Winter Lodge and Lumberjack Sampler Patterns (with bonus pattern)

Winter Lodge and Lumberjack Sampler Patterns

by Elizabeth Mareno

You can purchase these patterns on ETSY or my website.

Today I would like to introduce two patterns; Winter Lodge (on the left) and Lumberjack (on the right), and I'm going to tell you a story about how these two blankets came into being.

These designs went through almost a year of metamorphosis into their final states. They both started out as a totally different blanket design. That design was then changed into Winter Lodge because I was submitting it for possible publication. That fell through and I didn't feel like pursuing outside publication anymore, so the Winter Lodge was set aside for a bit. 

However, there were more design ideas I wanted to pursue with the pattern. I picked it back up, changed the yarn I used, went with a new color palette, altered stitches in strategic places, and the Lumberjack was born. I guess you could call Winter Lodge and Lumberjack fraternal twins. They share traits, they share "DNA", but they are not identical. 

Winter Lodge is a more delicate feminine look, and Lumberjack is a sturdier more masculine look. They are both 50" x 50" finished size and make a nice snugly blanket. I love them both.

Through the development stages, my friend and tester, Theresa, created an amalgam of the two blankets that uses two cakes of Whirl fingering yarn by Scheepjes. By doing that she also created an extension for anyone that wants to increase the size of their Lodge or Lumberjack blankets beyond 50" x 50".  Theresa used two cakes of the Salted Caramel Matcha colorway because it reminded her of when she lived in Alaska. 

This extension is also included with the Winter Lodge and the Lumberjack patterns. Essentially, you are getting three patterns in one. 

You can purchase these patterns on ETSY or my website.

Here's what you'll need for Winter Lodge:
Worsted Weight yarn- (#4 medium US, 10 ply UK)
Brand used: Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn *- 7 oz skeins (198.8 grams/skein)
Colors Used:
Off White- 3 skeins
Glacier- 1 skein
Desert Glaze- 1 skein                                 
Hot Orchid- 1 skein
Cranberry- 1 skein
Brown- 1 skein
Turquoise- 1 skein
Buttercup- 1 skein
Dark Olive- 1 skein
White- 1 skein

H hook
Large-eye needle for weaving ends

Here's what you'll need for Lumberjack:


Worsted Weight yarn (#4 medium US, 10 ply UK)
Heartland by Lion Brand *  (4oz/5oz, 113g/142g, 200yd/251yd, 183m/230m)
Kenai Fjords 4.5oz
Glacier Bay Tweed 3oz
Olympic 9.5oz
Acadia 5.5oz 
Redwood 2oz
Joshua Tree 5oz,
Hot Springs 3.5oz,
Yosemite 8.5oz
Bryce Canyon 4.5oz
Mount Ranier 3.75oz,
Kings Canyon 3.75oz
Grand Canyon 4oz
H hook
Large-eye needle for weaving ends

Here's what you'll need for the Adaptation blanket:
Scheepjes Whirl * – 2 cakes  (Fingering weight, 215g/1000meters)
D crochet hook
Large-eye needle for weaving ends

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  1. I pd for the patterns, but when do I get the patterns for the blankets, I am leaving for florida the end of Sept. and will not have access to computer til I get back in Dec.



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