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Make It in a Day-Stylish Coasters Digital Book Review

Annie's Crochet Make It in a Day Stylish Coasters
Annie's Crochet "Make It in a Day- Stylish Coasters"

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to review the "Make It in a Day- Stylish Coasters" by Annie's Crochet. I will make sure I link* to all the goodies I used so you can easily find them and get started making ASAP!

When I got the digital copy of my book*  I immediately noticed how bright and lovely it is. Right away, I knew there were two particular patterns from the front cover that I just had to make first. Now don't get me wrong, all of the patterns are super cute. As a matter of fact, there are several adorable patterns that will carry you through summer, right into fall, that they don't even show on the cover! But the basket of flowers and the sheep coaster stood out as the two I just had to make right away. 

I had a fresh, new pack of Paintbox Aran Cotton yarn in the Scribbles colorway that was just crying out to be used. So I started with the sunflower coasters while I was listening to some webcasts online. This little pack of yarn is a fantastic bargain. It comes out to about $3/ball and they seem to last forever. You will get quite a few projects out of these. As you can see by the following picture it will take me a bit to use all of them up. Of course, they have the balls available separately as well. 

Picture from "Make It in a Day- Stylish Coasters"

This is a great little pattern. Seriously. It's very simple in construction and instruction. It's only four rows and most of them are simple single or double crochet. The most challenging stitch is going to be the trc cluster to make the sunflower petals, and they have great instructions to make sure you understand how to do it. The basket also works up quickly, and it really does hold all 8 of the little coasters. Such a cute and fun design to brighten up your Summer table! OR do these in fall colors for an adorable Back to School gift for teachers!! Man, now I wish I had school-age kids again...

The second pattern I wanted to do was the adorable little sheep coaster. I mean, look at that face (that I accidentally sewed on crooked- watch where you put its eyes- it matters. lol).

Shout out to my local small business yarn store Dixie Knits in beautiful Downtown Pensacola.

Even with its crooked little face, it's still super cute and I'm going to use him on my desk as my coffee mug coaster. 

Once again, super easy pattern. The only tricky spot was the head. You'll want to remember that when you make the ears treat the chains as stitches. That's all I'll say about that. *wink*

There are patterns that you can use for Easter, Spring, Summer, and you are definitely getting a bargain for your money. There are pears, strawberries, and apples. A few of those have matching basket patterns. And there are patterns in both circles and squares, some solid colors and some with multiple colors. There is enough of a variety that you should be able to stay interested for quite a while. This is where you can find the book *(available in both hardback and digital formats)  and this is where you can find the Paintbox yarn* ( has awesome customer service and quick shipping). Thank you to Annie's for their generosity in allowing me to review this book for them!

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