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#WhyIMake ~ What Inspires Me To Create

"What inspires you to make?", has asked this question as part of their "Blog Personality of The Year, 2019" competition, which is part of their blogger awards- The Crafties. Thank you for asking me to share my story. Here goes...


What inspires you to make? Who knew such a question could stump me? As a maker, inspiration can come so easily and naturally that I don't stop to analyze what it is that truly inspires me to create.

In the beginning, my children were what inspired me to re-learn to crochet at the age of 26. My grandmother taught me at the age of 8, but I had never learned to read a pattern so a whole world of crocheting was closed off to me. As it is, when I did decide to retry my hand at crocheting, my grandmother had to talk me through how to make a half double crochet over the phone. (This was way before the beautiful world of YouTube tutorial videos!)

Once I got the hang of doing all the stitches I decided to learn to read patterns. I have never ripped out so many rows of crochet in all my life, but I never quit trying. I was determined to create things for my kids. I made them sweaters, and outfits, and toys, and blankets, and all sorts of goodies as babies.

Teo & Stefani (ages 4 and 5)

Stefani & Teo (ages 9 and 7-1/2)

My daughter went through chemotherapy for Leukemia when she was nine, and I used my love of crochet to create items to donate to the hospital where she was treated. I always say this was the start of Bizzy Crochet because it really was. That was the beginning of Bizzy Crochet the crochet blogger. But, then my son was turning 8 and he wanted to have a Pokemon party and give all of his friends a Pokemon plushie. I didn't want to spend all that money, so I thought I would try my hand at designing some plushies to put in his goodie bags. It worked like a charm. The kids were happy and I discovered that I loved to design! His love of Pokemon was the beginning of Bizzy Crochet the crochet designer.

Pokémon Charizard

I have been designing crochet patterns for 13 years now, and have published more than 100 patterns. Most of them have been self-published, but one time I even got up the guts to submit a pattern. I have discovered along the way that I crochet and create more for the process (or the learning) than for the end product. I don't like to make the same thing over and over. It drives me nuts! Because I am a "process" crocheter I use every new pattern as a way to challenge myself to do something or learn something I've never done or learned before.

Zen Baby Hats

Lush Garden Bavarian Stitch Afghan

Medallion Sampler Afghan on 
(I called it the Woodsy Owl blanket while I was designing it.)

Prairie Sisters- part of the Prairie Family Adventure Set

Rocket Ship with Astronauts and Aliens

My designs these days tend to be abstract "inspiration" blankets. I like to create blankets that are a tribute to literature, movies, and pop culture that my family is into without using anything copyrighted or previously created. I am passionate about creating one of a kind items. I research the subject I want to make a blanket for by studying the color palette (if it has one) and characters and repeating themes. Then I use that information to craft blankets that subtly represent my subject. When you look at it I want it to feel familiar, but I also want it to draw you in and make you look closer to figure out where all the characters and items are represented. I like it when people ask questions so I can tell them about my design.

Little Mermaid Inspiration Sampler

Grimm's Fairy Tales Inspiration Sampler

Ugly Christmas Sweater Sampler 

Nightmare Before Halloween Sampler

Alice in Wonderland Inspiration Sampler

I love using my imagination. Designing allows me to tap into my creative side and explore. It allows me to tell a story, and sometimes it allows me the opportunity to introduce my audience to a part of myself I might not otherwise share with them.

I also love to teach. Since I make for the love of the making, I like to teach people how to do what I do. I started turning all of my blanket designs into tutorial videos. Many people have reached out to tell me what a blessing they are because it helps them to expand their knowledge of new stitches, with the added bonus of picking up tips and tricks along the way.

When I was growing up I was always told that I was weird and I talked too much. I was a really sensitive kid and I was always trying to fit myself into someone else's mold. As I have learned to embrace my individuality, I have found the freedom to express myself in my creations. I tend to gather around me those that hang out on the "fringes" for one reason or another. We make a mighty army of creativity, and I absolutely LOVE watching others turn my designs into their own personal works of art. It feeds my soul watching others expand their knowledge and gain confidence in their abilities.

What inspires me to create? I would have to say, people. From my family to my online crochet friends. Sure, the world around me inspires me to create projects, but in the end, I create projects to interact with and reach out to and strengthen people. Helping others realize their talent is what fuels my creativity.


  1. What a wonderful journey. I’ve learned so much from you and look forward to continue learning. Your designs are colorful, challenging and fun!!! I love the videos you do and how you are available to help with questions or problems. Keep the inspiration going!!! ����������

  2. I thank you so much for sharing your talents all this time. Your designs have been used for family gifts and for charity projects. The creativity has allowed me to branch into areas I never thought I'd go, like Pokemon.

    Good luck as you are considered for this award.


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