Tuesday, January 28, 2020

This Is Halloween: Nightmare Before Christmas Crochet Sampler Pattern

This Is Halloween: Nightmare Before Christmas 

Crochet Sampler Pattern

by Elizabeth Mareno

Available for purchase on my website and ETSY.

This Is Halloween was originally designed as a gift for my daughter, because it is one of her favorite Christmas movies. The Muppets Christmas Carol is the only one that tops the list above Nightmare Before Christmas. What can I say? She's an eclectic girl with eclectic tastes (just like her mom). 

The challenge with this blanket was not only finding stitches that could represent each character well, but also combining the very strange color palettes of the characters without making the blanket look garish. 

In the picture above, the center starts with Jack and a V-stitch. There is also a video for the spiral hill applique included with the pattern. Then it moves on to Zero with the Butterfly stitch, Sally with a Spiked Granny Stitch, Oogie Boogie with a regular Spike Stitch, Skulls, The Mayor using the Block Stitch, Lock-Shock-Barrel using the Cat Stitch, Spiderwebs, Dr Finkelstein using the Tulip Stitch, and last, but not least, Santa using the Cupcake Stitch. The blanket is edged with a challenging, but lovely, double spike edging. You will use both white and black at the same time weaving them around each other. Trust me, it's easier than it looks!!

Here's what you will need:
Yarn used for sample
I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby * (Worsted Weight- US/10-ply – UK) (7 oz/ approx. 320-355 yds per skein) 
12 oz #10 White 
17 oz #30 Black 
7 oz #365 Graphite (Dk Gray) 
3.5 oz #294 Mixed Berry (Orchid) 
3 oz #40 Red 
2.5 oz #350 Hot Rose (Dk Pink) 
2.5 oz #293 Purple (Eggplant) 
2.5 oz #230 Light Peach 
2.5 oz #103 Antique Teal (Dk Teal) 
2.5 oz #797 Light Taupe 
2.5 oz #788 Limelight 
1.5 oz #330 Yellow 
1.5 oz #364 Glacier (Lt Aqua) 
1 oz #310 Peacock (Dk Aqua) 
1 oz #356 Desert Glaze (Optional Orange) 
G Hook 
Stitch marker for beginning circle

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