Friday, May 09, 2008

Update on Mom and Misc Projects

Ok. Update on Mom. She is coming home today. She's not sure exactly what time cuz they have to do all sorts of stuff to her to get her ready to do, but she is coming home. She will still have a tube in her side with a relief valve in case pressure builds up in her chest. The hole is not 100% closed. There is still just a super tiny tear in the lung. I've come to the determination that amazing surgeon is a word that I don't allow in my vocabulary anymore. :)

Now to the projects: First is a baby set that I made for my SIL for her to give as a gift. The sweater and the bonnet are the 'Emily' patterns from Auntie M's. And the booties are Bev's Very Easy Booties- HDC version.

I made them in Patons Astra in Bright Pink, Hot Pink and Light and Dark Tans.

Next is the infant frog hat. It is just the adult version available in my free patterns...only smaller. Same customer that ordered the adult version came back and ordered the infant version for the original recipients new baby girl. :) Hope they like it. I thought it turned out cute, even though I sewed the smile on crooked..LOL