Thursday, April 10, 2014

Comparing Cottons

I looked up Knit Picks cotton yarn today because I got an email about something-something...cotton yarn...something-something. I know, specific right? 

But, they have a fantastic color selection, so I went to look. The first balls of cotton yarn I saw were the Comfy pictured above. They are only 50g for $2.99. That seemed somewhat expensive for me considering I can get super soft "I Love This Cotton" (approx 85g to 99g depending on the color)  from Hobby Lobby for $3.29/skein, pictured below. 

To my $ sensibilities it looked pretty no-win for the Knit Picks. However, I noticed they had a yarn called Dishie, picture below. 

From a distance, the shape of the ball gives the illusion that it is the same scratchy cotton as Sugar n Cream. However, upon closer inspection of the picture, you can see that it has the same silky texture that the "I Love This Cotton" has. It is also a much bigger skein of yarn than the Comfy at 100g, and very close in size, if not a tiny bit bigger than the ILTC. It costs $3.99...$.70 more a skein than Hobby Lobby's brand...but, the color palette is so bright (even thought there are only 28 colors between the solids and variegated's). I'm going to have to give some serious thought to purchasing some Knit Picks cotton. I have been slobbering over Knit Picks for about 7 years now, and the only thing I have gotten from them is my ball winder. (The one and only time my husband bought me a birthday present that was a complete surprise and something I really, really, really wanted.) Besides, I think I would really like to start custom dying some yarns for my own uses. I hate it when people have very specific color requests and you can't find anything like what they want without having to use two separate yarns together. 

If anyone has any experience with Knit Picks, I would love some advice!