Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baby Kimono

This is the "Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono" from "Mason-Dixon Knitting".
I didn't have access to Peaches and Cream, so I substituted a really soft Sugar n Cream that was primarily white with little turquoise, lime green and yellow speckles. I used a green and yellow checkered ribbon in complementary colors to finish off.

I think I loved making this. It is the first garment (besides socks) I have ever knit. It was my first real experience at sewing a knitted garment together. Thank the knit gods that there were only two seams..I don't think I could have handled much more. Crochet, at this point, is way easier!

While crochet is and will always be my first craft love...I think knitting is beginning to gain great favor. I have actually been LOOKING for knit patterns. I've found two baby patterns that I want to try. Not now, mind you..Christmas is coming and there are tooooo many things to be done for that to fiddle with 'no need' baby gifts. But they will get done. I have a g-friend due with baby #4 in January. So I'm sure I'll find the need to make one of them. Depends on what she's having. I think she has the ultrasound for that today, so we'll see..

Ok, I'm totally rambling...sorry...this was supposed to be a post about a knit kimono..not an ultrasound.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Slow Knitter


Has it really taken me 2 weeks to knit fifty rows?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Blingy Mommy Bag and Clutch Wallet

This is my newest design. It was inspired by my C'ville Purse Swap partner who is an accountant AND a mom of a 9-month old! So here were my thoughts...a bag big enough to hold of practical/professional quality, yet be fun and funky....a place to put a checkbook and keys without losing them in the bottom of the bag....

Here's what we got!!! **Thanks Stef for being my model!**

My partner loves the black/pink/white combination. I used Patons Merino wool in Black, Too Pink and Winter White. I also used black fun fur in a few rows and on the top to add just a touch of "phouf". I also used some pink pony beads with an Aurora Borealis finish on them. It adds just a little shimmer....

The coordinating clutch was so simple to make. I happened to find a bag (in my stash) of the coolest vintage wood buttons and used one on the clutch for a closure.
I WILL be sharing this pattern for free. I am currently testing it and once I am completed doing that and have all the 'snafoos' taken care of...I will let you have it! Plus, I want to get my swap partners reaction to it. I hope she loves it as much as I do!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Today...I am melancholy.

Today...I have a list of things I want to do and are not accomplishing any of them.

Today...I am talking with someone I love very much and feeling like they have changed. Not bad, not good, just changed. A sweetness and an innocence that I used to adore, is now gone.

Today...I am relying on God for my joy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

AG Kitty Kat Costume

Here's the latest design in the Halloween Costume Collection. "Kitty Kat in Black".
Here's her sassy self....
Bodysuit with shrug and kitty ears headband.

I noticed that I forgot to design a trick or treat bag, though....

Toy Swap Thank you!

Thank you to afswife (Melissa) for these wonderful gifts for my munchkins....
A cupcake purse for Stefani..

And a Poke'pocket for Teo..

Thanks again!

My Llama Wool

So I was at this craft fair this weekend. And there was this little woman sitting and demonstrating spinning (a craft I NEVER intend to learn)...and she had wool.

Baskets and baskets of wool.

Oh yes. I had to touch it. Actually I started love affairs with three particulars skeins that decided to come home with me.

If I had been intelligent I would have taken pictures of them before they were dismantled and rolled....but ya know how the fable goes....after marriage ya lose some of your fluffy lusciousness.(ya know, cuz I was having a love affair with them...and they came home with me....WHAT?!? did ya think I was easy??? )haha..sick humor! Like my husband says when I don't understand him...'you're in the car, now ride along'...kind of like..'keep up with me, here'....

I had to have them in balls before I could start here they are. Burgundy one is just Llama, the other two are llama and silk.

A Few Thank You's

In July I had joined a 'Cotton Yarn Swap' on the 'ville. Well, my partner was not able to keep her end of the bargain, so they called for 'rescuers'. Here are the pics of what my rescuers sent to me.
This is the first package...which in all honesty I thought was my rescue package and was just so glad to get! I was humbled that somebody cared to do something like this. Thank you to you who sent it! I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness! All but the white is used already!

Then about a week later I got a PM from Tampa Doll @ the 'ville stating that my rescue package would shortly be on its way....I'm thinking "another one?" got here yesterday. I couldn't tell if the moisture on all the yarn was from the drool...or the tears! WOW, what an awesome package! Put together by....
Amberslipstitch - SPRAT605-Julie5813 - Renegade - Clocke - SFGWife - Tampa Doll.....
Is there any way to even begin to thank you? You are some awesome chicks!

I was sooooooooooo stoked to get some knitting patterns!

I couldn't keep my hands off....I HAD to knit a dishcloth. It was totally labor intensive considering I'm a NEW knitter and I couldn't memorize the pattern! I completed one and then HAD to start another one right away(in a diff pattern, of course) was so FUN!

YUMMMMY...I can't wait to drink my cocoa! I've decided the clips will be used to mark all of the patterns I want to make and my daughter just had to open up the light-up crochet hook and do something with it right away(its one of my fave sizes -G-)...I must's pretty cool!

Here's a better close up of some of the more unusual cottons. I see least 3 have no idea how much this helps me with my Christmas load!!

Once can I thank you??

I will do so very humbly!