Sunday, April 27, 2008

Update on Mom

Hey all.

Just a quick note of update. Mom was moved to her own room yesterday. So no more ICU, thank God! The ventilators and oxygen are no more. She is breathing totally on her own. She is also talking. They've removed the feeding tube, she is able to eat. She went through a small throat therapy to make sure that she didn't aspirate any food or liquid from the tube having been in her throat for so long. She is up and moving around to go to the bathroom and such. She sits up most of the day in a chair now. Yay, may God receive all the glory!!

I will be going to see her tomorrow night. I'm going to take a portable cd player and some of her favorite cd's by Connie Wetzell (These are the music/scripture cd's that we used exclusively while Stef went through chemo. They are so relaxing. As a matter of fact, these are the scrip cd's that my kids sleep to every night.), as well as, the cd's from the women's conference that I was at last weekend.

I recommend you check out Connie's cd's if you are looking for a comforting, non-boring, way to bring the word of God into your home. Makes great background noise too. :)